I love Nars blushes! I wish I had more of them! If its Nars, I would even be willing to go bold with Exhibit! But for now, I will be reviewing the muted blush Douceur.

It’s peachy pink with brown undertones. I think it would look good on all skintones! The blush isn’t too pigmented but its buildable. This is my go to blush for office when I don’t want too much makeup. It applies quite sheer. It’s also a good choice for contouring when you need that slight definition but not a bronzer.

It has very subtle shimmer that doesn’t really show up on the face much. Nars is obviously quite expensive, I think its worth investing in a blush if you find that you will use it often. I like the Nars packaging for how sturdy and compact it it, but the material just picks up so much dirt and finger impressions that it looks quite messy! I hate that! It does have a full size mirror though. Thats quite handy if you are using it on the go.

Other Nars blushes similar to this tone are Oasis which is more brown or Sin, which is more pink.

You get a good amount of product at 4.8g so it does last long. Photos and swatches below!




The picture below is taken with flash so you can see the shimmer. It appears darker than the true colour.




The picture below is with Douceur contoured lighting on the cheek. It just adds colour to the skins and makes it noticeable.


The one below is a swatch on the hand. It’s the blush applied from one stroke.



Name: Douceur

Colour : Peachy pink with brown undertones

Product Amount : 4.8g

Pigmentation : Sheer

Finish and Texture : Subtle shimmer. Finish is smooth and not powdery.

Durability : Starts fading after 7-8 hours.

Fragrance : Pleasant but it isn’t really apparent.

Price : £ 21

Available at : StrawberryNet.com

Overall : 4/5



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