November 2013 List Love

Winter is here! I cannot be happier! Last week also rained quite a bit in my city which made it cooler, cloudy and indirectly, made me more sleepy as well. The end of November signals the start of my favourite time with New Year, my birthday, anniversary and Valentine’s Day to look forward to! I mean I get gifts and I like it. 😉





Link Love – Books

1. The Mysterious Mr. Jacob by John Zubrzycki – It’s more of a historical book than a story as such but fascinating nonetheless. Mr. Jacob is a mysterious figure in our British past where he had many roles; mainly, a diamond merchant, a spy and a magician.


Link Love – Beauty & Fashion

1. Miss Holly Berries – She’s mainly a nail blogger and you tube videos are great as well. Her personality is so bubbly and warm, it’s nice to watch. I also love her nail polish picks and hauls.

2. Julia Graff – Juila also known as Miss Chievous is a You Tube beauty guru. I love her editorial and fantasy type of tutorials a lot. Very informative and fun videos.

3. Made in Chelsea – I’m not really fond of reality TV shows but this one is posh and I mainly watch it for the fashion. Most of the people (characters) are hilarious and watching them cry over absurd things is fun, if you don’t take it too seriously. Also, this isn’t a trashy kind of reality show so if you do mention it to people, they will cringe less. 😉


Link Love – Tech

1. Hatch – This iPhone app is for people like me who want a pet and can’t have one. Yep, hatch is a virtual pet software where you get to pet, feed and play with your pet Fugu. It loves giving you kisses and licks! I check Binky (my pet) so many times in a day, I’m addicted. This is currently filling in the void!


2. Broken Sword

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  • adriana m

    i always like your blog recs :)

  • Tiny

    virtual pet sounds amusing….I always wanted a pet, but also am scared of them …

    • Xuvious

      Haha, I’m in a similar situation. I can’t own one so I need to fill that void some how! 😉