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Link Love – Books

1. Killer Puzzles – Does anyone have these puzzle books by Kjartan Poskitt? They are so freaking difficult! But so much fun and I love the twisted insane sense of humour. I never managed to finish them mainly because I was never sure of the answers. Anyway, a while back I found the answers page by the author himself! And guess what, I managed to see the Phantom of Ghastly Castle! Seriously though, couldn’t have done it without the help.



Link Love – Beauty & Fashion

1. Chloe Morello – I think she’s the first Australian You Tuber I’ve watched. Came across her channel when I was looking for YSL swatches. Love her channel, she is freaking gorgeous.


2. Klaire De Lys – I love her work, she is so talented. She does a lot of fantasy, theatre, FX looks but it’s all very inspiring. She has two channels and a blog as well.


Link Love – Tech

1. Duolingo – If you like KhanAcademy, you’ll love DuoLingo. It’s basically an online language learning site for free! So far, you can learn French, German, Spanish, Italian and some more. You can also learn English. But what i really liked is their business model. The site teaches for free, has no ads, how do they make money? Well apart from investors, the students translate webpages to practice their language skills. The websites that needs pages translated are the ones who pay DuoLingo. It’s an out of the box idea and I love it! So far you only have language with English letters. I hope they expand into languages like Arabic, Chinese, Japanese  etc as well although it might be slightly more tricky.


2. iPhone 5S – It’s here!! It’s time to change my iPhone 4 and I’m ready to get the iPhone 5S in White and Silver (32gb). However, it is so expensive in India!! Rs. 62,000?? It’s ridiculous. No way, I’m paying that much for a phone. If you bought the unlocked phone in US which costs $749, even with the current rate it’s Rs. 46,000. So not worth buying in India. I’m definitely getting this from abroad at a later stage.


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  • adriana m

    checking out those yt channels :)