October 2012 List Love

Books to Read

1. The Casual Vacancy – J.K Rowling

I’m dying to read this! Like a crazy person I maintain a list of books I want to read, this one is 5th at the moment. I’m going to break the queue and bring this up!

2. Smiley’s People – John Le Carre

I finished reading this in October. Smashing book! A lot of mysterious pieces put together brilliantly. Read my review here.


Link Love – Beauty & Fashion

1. Buy Now Blog Later – I came across some new fashion blogs last month. This one stood out! She has a very classy sense of style, yet not afraid to try out new trends. Love the photography as well.

2. Glitter and Pearls – This is a mix of lifestyle, recipes and fashion. She has interesting tips. I like her polite and fun tone in writing. Worth a look! And her layout is fab as well.

3. Hello Cotton – I recently joined Hello Cotton. I quite like it so far. Follow me here!


Link Love – Tech

1. UXBooth – I was reading a lot of UX design (user experience). I deal with making interactive content for children so I really needed a lot of opinions and views about good design. UXBooth has a really good collection articles from well established people in the field. They also cover a wide range of UX related topic like web design, typography, graphic design etc. So, you’re bound to find something you’re looking for.

2. Coda 2 – I wanted a light weight PHP IDE for web development. Netbeans is just too heavy and clunky. Plus, I like to multitask and I like looking at pretty things. So, I got Coda 2! It has PHP, CSS and JS helpers along with a sleek UI and good speed. I’ve been loving it so far.

3. Feedly  -I don’t know why I didn’t hear about this before. I used to use Capucchino on my Mac for RSS but it’s been having a lot of bugs lately. Feedly is browser extension available on Chrome, FF, Safari etc and shows your RSS feed just beautifully. It’s also available on phone and it syncs feed between my browser and phone as well. The UI is really beautiful. You can  also export to pocket, instapaper etc. I’m in love with it! It’s been a real helper with catching up with all blogs.

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