Cleansers are an absolute necessity if you live in India. At the end of the end, your face accumulates so much dirt and grime that it’s essential so clean it all up. The added advantage with this cleanser is that it removes make up very effectively.

It’s a yellow oil that you apply over your face and neck. You use a bit of water and start massaging, it quickly turns into a milky lotion and lathers quite well. In the end, it leaves the skin clean, supple and soft. You don’t feel raw and very dry either.

When I have a lot of makeup on I first use a remover. But for things like mascara its hard to get a wipe or cotton call to do the job well. This cleanser does it in a jiffy and no traces of makeup at all!

The ingredients are a combination of various oils like olive oil, sesame seed oil, sunflower oil, grape seed oil etc. The list is quite huge!

The bottle itself looks really neat but it’s not the most practical way to use this product. The screw top opening is quite big in diameter, it doesn’t come with a pump. You have to be careful quite pouring in your hand or you might waste a lot of product.

It doesn’t sting when it goes into eyes either, so overall its a very good cleanser-cum-remover product. Before purchasing this, I read many reviews and quite a lot of help were from people who have sensitive or acne prone skin. Origins’ cleanser did not break them out. So, if you have sensitive skin, try digging a bit deeper before buying. I have very dry skin but I don’t breakout that often.

This is a bit pricey at £17 but it lasts a really long time. I’ve had mine for more than 6 months and I’ve used up almost half.

Photos below!






Name : Clean Energy – Gentle Cleansing Oil

Brand : Origins

Colour : Yellow

Consistency : Oily liquid which turns milky and lathers with water.

Fragrance : Citrus and almond oil in a mix.

Application : Take a coin amount on your palm and apply to all main areas of face. Wet your hands and start lathering and massaging in circles all over. Do this for 1-2 minutes and then rinse.

Skintype : Any

Ingredients : Sunflower, Sesame and Safflower oils among others

Product Amount : 200ml

Shelf Life : 24 months

Packaging : Bottle with screw top. Not the most optimal way to use. You can buy a pump for £1 for this.

Price : $17 ~ Rs. 1360/-

Available from : I got this from Boots. I’m not sure if this product is available but StrawberryNet does carry Origins.

Final Rating : 5/5


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  • adriana m

    is this good for oily skin?

    • Xuvious

      The product itself is meant for any type but you want a more drier feel after using a cleanser, then, no.
      This makes your skin feel more hydrated.