Paul Mitchell Lemon Sage Thickening Conditioner

When it comes to hair products I love the smell of lemons and citrusy fragrances. I don’t fret much over the shampoo scent (unless it’s too strong) as long as I love the conditioner scent. I was browsing through some sites on the hunt of a new conditioner and this one really stood out. Paul Mitchell is a great brand with good formulas and when I saw ‘lemon’ I knew I had to try this.

So I’ve used this for the past month now and I’m damn well pleased with this. You hair has that very natural lemons but not fruity type of smell and it’s amazing. The conditioner is while in colour and medium in consistency. It doesn’t lather much and it throughly nourishes the hair. I apply a lot of this mainly from mid length to the ends, focusing more on the ends of my hair. It rinses off easily but the product doesn’t leave completely keeping the hair soft.

it doesn’t have a sticky or very slippery feel to it. It dangles my hair but not a lot. When I oil my hair, I feel like thats the only time my hair detangles easily. I should probably have started off with this but I really should explain my hair routine in a gist. I wash my hair every alternate day. Every alternate nights I oil my hair and leave it overnight. One a week I do it on my scalp but on other days it’s mostly on mid-length to ends of my hair. When I don’t oil and wash my hair, it’s much more difficult to detangle my hair. I feel like that’s the only drawback of this. And it’s probably just with my hair because it’s very fine and really does get into knots quite easily. If you have thicker hair, I’m sure you will find this as a sufficient detangler as well.

My hair feels really soft after using this, it’s like a curtain! If I don’t find another lemony scent I will probably repurchase this. The packaging is quite nice in the green bottle but I feel the plastic cap is a bit flimsy. For the amount of money paid, it could have been better.

This costs around Rs. 1256 for 300ml. That’s very pricey and so I’m hoping I find something better. It’s not worth the splurge every time. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the smell, I would buy the Tresemme Vitamin B5 and aloe conditioner if I can hunt it down again.


Photos below!

0302 paul mitchel conditioner 1


0302 paul mitchell conditioner 2


0302 paul mitchell conditioner 3


0302 paul mitchell conditioner 4


0302 paul mitchell conditioner 5




Name : Lemon Sage Thickening Conditioner

Brand : Paul Mitchell

Consistency : Lotion like cream

Fragrance : Lemons! :)

Hairtype : All types

Product Amount : 300ml

Packaging : Bottle

Shelf Life : 18 months

Price : Around Rs. 1256/-

Available from : Healthkart, Purplle, BeautyKafe, Flipkart

Final Rating : 3.5/5



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