Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss in Papaya

Revlon’s Colorburst Lip gloss range is one of my recent favourites. The colors are great and more importantly the quality and feel of the lip glosses is among the best in the market.

I currently own two from the range, Rose Gold and Papaya; the latter I will review today. Papaya is orange-red coloured lip gloss. It’s quite hard to describe it. It’s not a tangerine or mango orange, it’s definitely more peachy when applied. This one certainly has more red and pink in it though. And yes, the name Papaya is quite appropriate for it! It does look like a red-orange papaya slice (see the swatch, you’ll know what I mean). I haven’t found a lip gloss shade comparable to it yet. They are either more yellow based or too red.

It looks amazing on lips. On pigmented lips it probably won’t be so dark, it will look like a nice pink-red wash over the lips. On lighter lips the orange might show through a bit more.

The lip gloss is very light on the lips and not sticky at all. The gloss is very reflective but not too shimmery. Papaya does contain micro shimmer but it isn’t very apparent. The shimmer is subtle. The gloss isn’t opaque or creamish. It is a bit sheer, so either your lips or the lipstick underneath will show through.

It applies very easily and doesn’t result in uneven coverage or patchiness while building up. It stays on for about 4-5 hours. But it’s best to wear this if you’re not eating in between.

I like the packaging of Revlon’s Colorburst range. The criss cross black cover and a sturdy slim bottle is easy to hold and travel friendly. The applicator is longer and slimmer. Good for application in the corners and outlining.

Priced at Rs. 500 it’s moderate and good value for money; but as always, try to find discounts online to buy this. It’s widely available on most Indian shopping sites. This is a good option if you’re looking for an orange gloss.

Photos and Swatches below!

revlon colorburst lip gloss papaya 1

revlon colorburst lip gloss papaya 2

revlon colorburst lip gloss papaya 3

revlon colorburst lip gloss papaya 4

revlon colorburst lip gloss papaya 5

revlon colorburst lip gloss papaya 6



Name: Colorburst Lip Gloss

Brand : Revlon

Colour : Papaya

Product Amount : 5.9ml

Pigmentation : Quite opaque coverage

Finish and Texture : Glossy finish with microshimmer.

Durability : Lasts 4-5 hours.

Fragrance : Vanilla or candy like

Price : Rs. 475-500

Available at : Flipkart, MedPlusBeauty, HealthKart etc

Overall : 4/5


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