Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara in Blackest Black

Revlon’s Grow Lusicous Mascara was one I’ve been hearing a lot about. Before I go on to review this, I should probably say more about what my preferences with a mascara are. I don’t like mascara that makes the lashes look blatantly fake; clumpiness, too thick to be real, flakiness etc. I would be happier using fake lashes if  I wanted it to look editorial.  I prefer one whitch coats the lashes well and they look distinct and really black.

With that said, after having tried a few high end ones I was happy to discover that Revlon was somewhat equally good. With Grow Lusicous I love the formula but I hate the brush and the packaging.

the mascara isn’t thick and gooey it has a nice creamy consistency. It coats thelashes well. I don’t notice any clumpiness unless you apply it 3-4 times or more. It stays on for long, I’d say about 6-7 hours before starts to flake a bit. The mascara isn’t waterproof but doesn’t come out very easily either. You do need an oil cleanser to get it out.

I find the brush very difficult to work with, I can’t reach the roots and the corners easily with this one. The packaging also for some reason has such a large opening in comparison to the brush. This mascara dries up really fast, so you  need to use it up quickly.

Photos and swatches below!











Name: Grow Luscious by Fabulash

Colour : 01 Blackest Black

Brand: Revlon

Product Amount :11.2g

Pigmentation : Very high.

Consistency: Medium thickness.

Finish and Texture : Wet glossy

Flaking : After 6-7 hours

Smudge-proof: No

Waterproof: No

Durability : 7-8 hours

Shelf Life : 6 months

Price : Rs. 500

Available at : MedPlusBeauty, UrbanTouch, Flipkart etc

Overall : 3.5/5

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