Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Polish in Wintermint

I have a lovely nail polish to review today! It also happens to be a dupe (with minor variations) for Deborah Lippmann’s Mermaid’s Dream which has me squeeing on the inside.

Revlon Parfumerie launched in the US a couple of months ago. Basically they are cute bottles with good quality scented nail polish. I don’t really care about the scented part but Wintermint has a nice minty scent.

Wintermint has a mint green base with gold and green micro glitter along with large teal glitters suspended in it. From afar it looks like a metallic minty green with blue glitter, love the combination. And mint green for summer is still in!

In comparison to Deborah Lippmann’s Mermaid’s Dream, the glitter is less dense. The large glitter in Mermaid’s Dream is a darker blue and overall, the mint shade is a tad bit darker. But considering the $15 price difference, I’ll take a little less glitter and be happy about it! Revlon is really good with its dupes!

The polish is sheer and thin but buildable, you need 2-3 coats to get even and opaque coverage. As is the case with glitter polishes, this one isn’t a pain. The glitters don’t stick on the edge, it’s distributed evenly and doesn’t sink in. The finish is a bit textured and matte (it is not a textured finish officially). It looks so much better with a topcoat!

The scent isn’t very strong and it doesn’t really last for four days!

This lasts well enough for 4-5 days with a bit of tipwear. The photos below were taken 4 days after it was applied.

The packaging looks good, it’s a very dainty bottle but it’s just not very practical. The round top is very difficult to hold while applying and it’s so small, I feel like I’m playing with a toy! The brush is also a bit small.

These haven’t launched in India so head over to my eBay guide if you want to buy this. It’s priced at $5.99 for 11.7ml.

Photos and swatches below!

Revlon Wintermint Nail Polish 1

Revlon Wintermint Nail Polish 2

Revlon Wintermint Nail Polish 3

Revlon Wintermint Nail Polish 4

Revlon Wintermint Nail Polish 5

Revlon Wintermint Nail Polish 6

Revlon Wintermint Nail Polish 8




Name: Parfumerie Scented Nail Polish

Brand : Revlon

Shade : Wintermint

Colour : Teal large and micro glitter in mint base.

Product Amount :11.7ml

Consistency : Thin

Finish : Semi matte and rough. Topcoat is a must

Coats : 2-3 coats

Application : smooth and even

Durability : 4-5 days

Shelf Life : –

Price : $5.99 ~ Rs. 300

Available at : eBay

Overall : 4/5

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  • theknotstory

    very pretty manicure, loved the watermint color

    • Xuvious

      Thanks! xx

  • nausheen

    The shade is lovely :)

    • Xuvious

      Thanks Nausheen! Any other minty shades you like? :)

  • pari

    the shade is so lovely..

    • Xuvious

      Glad you like it Pari! I was dying to get this ever since it came out. 😉

  • Krithi Marla

    hope these reach India soon
    pretty color

    • Xuvious

      I know! I wish they released their collections here asap!

  • Simran@leavepillow
  • adriana m

    color is so pretty. defitiely a dupe!!! :)

  • Natasha Bhatt

    I loved the shade and it is a scented one is a plus point :)

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