Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Cherries in the Snow

Everyone needs atleast one bold colour in their kit/collection. If red or a bright Barbie pink is too out there for you, deep pinky reds are the next best thing.

Behold, Cherries in the Snow, a lipstick as good as the name! Revlon’s Super Lustrous range is a ancient vintage looking lipstick. It’s been around since the 1950s and if it’s lasted this long, they’re doing something right!

Cherries in the Snow is a deep raspberry pink which can be worn in so many ways. One swipe and you get a deep pink intense colour. Its pink no doubt, but depending on the lighting it can also look like a cool toned red. If you want to wear this lighter you just pat a bit on your lip and blend it around lightly.

I also like that this pink is a bit sophisticated. Brighter warm pinks can look a bit informal or not so elegant in certain settings but this pink is just perfection.

This is very very pigmented and it stains like a bitch ( if you don’t like that). I mean, even if you swatched this on your hand and wiped it off, it’ll leave a stain. So it takes a bit more effort to remove this, cleansing oils work best. I also didn’t notice much of a scent.

It’s a creamy lipstick which sits comfortably on the lips. It’s not hydrating but doesn’t dry out my lips either. This can be prone to bleeding so you might want to use a lip liner.

This will also last for 8+ hours and can stay strong through meals, albeit with a bit of fading. If you want this to be transfer proof, try the blot and apply method till you get a smooth even look.

It looks amazing when you wear bright clothes or with smokey eyes and black.

If you want an affordable and easily available bright, try this one for sure. The packaging is very oldish but at Rs. 550, the colour is too good to pass up.

Photos and swatches!

revlon cherries in the snow 1

revlon cherries in the snow 2

revlon cherries in the snow 3

revlon cherries in the snow 4

revlon cherries in the snow 5


revlon cherries in the snow 7

revlon cherries in the snow 8

revlon cherries in the snow 9





Name:  Super Lustrous Lipstick

Brand : Revlon

Colour : Cherries in the Snow

Product Amount : 4.2g

Pigmentation : very intense

Finish and Texture : Glossy finish

Durability : Lasts 7 hours.

Fragrance : vintage lipstick like

Price : Rs. 550

Available at : Slassy, Purplle,, Flipkart

Overall : 4/5

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