Tigi’s Haute Iron Spray is from the Catwalk collection. This spray is a detangler and heat protectant.

At 200 ml you get a lot of product that lasts for a good few months. I’ve had mine for ages.

I’m not a 100% happy with this product. I feel that it weighs down my hair and I feel like the texture of my hair doesn’t feel soft after I’ve used this. Since this works well for detangling, I use this on the ends of my hair since more heat goes there. My ends are also a lot drier and hence need to be covered when it comes to using heat.

This could differ from person to person but I really don’t like how it smells. It’s like a typical hairspray or cheap room freshner smell that’s really off putting.

I would really recommend trying it out before buying this. I should be noted that I have fine hair. Perhaps on thick hair the spray might not have a weighed down look.

But when it comes to heat protection, it does it’s job well. It does it’s job but other factors make this very unsuitable for me.

Photos below!









Consistency : Light liquid spray

Finish : Changes texture of hair, a bit crunchy. Can weigh down thin hair.

Heat Defence : Upto 230ºC.

Fragrance : Heavy Floral

Hairtype : Any

Application : Spray in sections of hair from root to tip. Focus more on ends if you flat iron more below.

Product Amount : 200ml

Packaging : Tall spray bottle.

Price : £8.50 ~ Rs. 680/-

Available from :  FeelUnique, Asos

Final Rating : 2/5

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