Toni and Guy Refresh-it Dry Shampoo

It’s good to see more dry shampoos out in the Indian market. I few months ago I tried the Toni and Guy dry shampoo. Correct me if I’m wrong but this is the only dry shampoo available in Toni and Guy’s line of hair products.

Since this is my first review about a dry shampoo I’ll go into a little more detail as to what it’s really about. Dry shampoo is essentially a white powder when absorbs oil in your hair, gives it a but if texture and hence giving the appearance of a dry or not oily hair and scalp. I would add that a dry shampoo is NOT a talc and neither is it supposed to leave any residue. The powder is fine and and after the initial application should blend into your hair/scalp and not appear white or ashy.

The Refresh-It dry shampoo is a slight disappointment for me though. It works well when the spray is really close to the scalp, thats when you actually get a powder product. When it’s held 20cm away (as mentioned on packaging) it fails to do anything at all. It just deposits the spray and doesn’t really do anything. When I held the spray close to the scalp, the powder blended really well and absorbed all the oil and greasiness. My hair really looked like it had just been shampooed; it had that dry cleaness to it. It does fulfill its ultimate purpose but it’s a bit of a struggle to get it to work well.

The packaging outside is very sturdy, travel friendly and I like the brushed metal look. The spray pump works well too. The product is a bit steeply priced at Rs. 975. My spray barely lasted me for 1-2 months so I’m not completely sold on this. I might repurchase this if I have no other alternative.









Consistency : Light liquid spray which settles as powder

Finish : Very fine white powder which blends easily

Fragrance : It’s pleasant but chemical-ish

Hairtype : Any

Application : Spray onto oily greasy sections of scalp.

Product Amount : 200ml

Packaging : Tall spray bottle.

Price : Rs. 975/-

Available from :  MedPlusBeauty, Healthkart, Flipkart

Final Rating : 3/5


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