Wishlist : June 2012

It’s getting more humid in Pune and at times like these, I like to apply as minimal make up as I can. Blush and eye makeup comes to the rescue here!

Here’s my wishlist for the month.



01. Topshop : Studded multi colour tunic cover up

I love the gradient colours here. I’m very careful with the studded trend as I don’t want to go overboard with it. This one looks effortless and soft.


02. Just Acces : Wild choker in gunmetal

As opposed to silver or gold, I prefer gunmetal, charcoal and rose gold. I think these chokers really add a lot to the outfit. Just Acces is a brand available at asos. I don’t like the very thick ones. This one seems just right.


03. Nars : Powder blush in Taj Mahal

I’m looking for a perfect orange blush and this one is on the top of my list. So is the Sleek 3 in 1 palette in Lace.


04. Zara : Court show with pointed metal toe

I like that it’s similar to the cap toe shoe trend but has a little twist to it since the cap is entirely metal. And I can’t resist a good nude shoe.


05. Clarins : HydraQuench Lotion

I’ll be looking a good face cream soon. I’m quite happy with my Neutrogena but I like trying out new things. This one is expensive though! I’m not sure it’s worth it.


What’s on your wishlist this month?


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