Zoya Alegra Nail Polish

Happy Diwali to everyone! Hope you are all gorging on food and getting dolled up in the evenings!

Here’s a really pretty pink polish, Zoya Alegra. It’s one of the formulas that will make you fall in love with Zoya, much like Valerie. It’s a deep, almost red on the nails kind of pink. But it has that fuchsia tone to it. It also has a ton of micro shimmer ranging from silver to fuchsia, it also appears a bit gold  or more red toned due to the iridescence. It’s quite captivating in person!

Colourwise I have a few similar options. China Glaze Strawberry Fields is a brighter and warmer pink with just gold micro shimmer running through it. Zoya Lisa is a similar formula but a warm red packed with red micro shimmer. Essie Watermelon is also a warmer red-pink color but is a creme polish. Alegra is distinctly very cool toned and deeper than the rest, the fuchsia shimmer I feel gives it a very different look.

Let me tell you more about the stellar formula. It’s a polish that’s translucent but still very very pigmented. Depending on how much you sue it can be a one coater, though you achieve more depth and a deeper colour with 2 coats, as I have below. You can even see my voting mark on the nail since it’s translucent, but that doesn’t equate to the colour being less vibrant or pigmented. The consistency is thin and as such it spreads across the nail bed very evenly with no pooling.

The finish is also very glossy and you don’t really require a topcoat. This lasts well on my nail for a week with just minor chipping. It’s a expensive polish (not high end though) but it’s worth every penny for the quality you get.

The brush is medium sized and you get 15ml for around $8 or Rs. 500. Zoya is available in India scattered around certain websites but if you don’t find the shade anywhere, ebay is the place to go to.

Also, you can see swatches of all my Zoya nail polishes here.

Photos and swatches below!

Zoya Alegra Nail Polish 1

Zoya Alegra Nail Polish 2

Zoya Alegra Nail Polish 3

Zoya Alegra Nail Polish 4

Zoya Alegra Nail Polish 5

Zoya Alegra Nail Polish 6

Zoya Alegra Nail Polish 7


Zoya Alegra Nail Polish comparison




Name: Alegra

Brand : Zoya

Colour : Deep pink with yellow and pink microshimmer

Product Amount : 15ml

Consistency : Thin

Finish : Glossy

Coats : 2 coats.

Application : Smooth and even.

Durability : 5-6 days

Shelf Life : 24 months.

Price : Rs. 450.

Available at : PurplleFlipkart, ebay

Overall : 5/5


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  • http://glittertrails.com Rose

    nice shade

    • http://www.xuvious.com/ Xuvious

      Thanks Rose! xx

  • http://www.glowsandblushes.blogspot.in/ Beepsa Biswas

    OMG this shade is so lovely. I am falling in love with it. Happy Diwali dear.

    • http://www.xuvious.com/ Xuvious

      I know, it has so much depth you get kinda mesmerized looking at it. :p