July 2013 Link Love

I hope everyone’s enjoying the monsoons! (or not…)

I do feel very gloomy the minute I wake up, but if I compare it to the hot summer we had, this is waaaay better! I’d rather be groggy all day than uncomfortably hot and grumpy!



Link Love – To Be Read

1. Time Reborn by Lee Smolin – It’s an incredible book about time and how we still haven’t discovered how it functions, how knowing that would unravel so many things in physics. If you love sci-fi and want non-fiction, this is a great book to read!


Link Love – Beauty & Fashion

1. Wearabout – I don’t know why I haven’t mentioned this blog before. It’s a good street style, photo essay on contemporary India and what he captures goes beyond fashion. It’s in it’s own league and India needs more blogs like this.


Link Love – Tech

I have been gaming way too much for my own good but I thought I’d list my favourites in the last two months here.

1. World of Warcraft – So I started playing WoW in the end of June and omg, I had so many sleepless nights! Which is why I stopped because I was so sleepy when I went to work. Damn you, you’re wonderful to play but so addictive!

2. Candy Crush Saga – You need to get this on your phone, iPad, Fb ASAP. It’s a 3 match game but I just love watching things make combinations and pop!

3. The Room – It’s an iphone/iPad game but it’s just amazing. They’ve used multi touch and gestures in a brilliant way. I don’t want to give anything away but if you like puzzles, mystery then this is right up your alley! It’s really unique!

4. Doors and Rooms – So, after I finished playing The Room, I was immensely addicted and needed to find a similar game. Door and Rooms had the same complexity as The Room minus the graphic quality.

5. Cluedo – Clue is my favourite boardgame ever (after Soctland Yard) and when I saw this app I just had to get it. The gameplay is different but a lot of logic is involved!


P.S. Has anyone seen the movie Clue? It’s hilarious!

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  • Tiny

    Everyone is talking abt candycrush these days, yet to try though !

    • http://www.xuvious.com/ Xuvious

      I was pretty late to join the bandwagon myself, but it’s very addictive! ^_^

      • Tiny

        ha ha ! don’t worry, some like me are yet to join 😉


    A lot can happen over coffee,,, same law applies here



  • http://www.magalic.com/ Magali

    I discovered Candy Crush Saga just 2-3 months ago & I think that I’m over the hill now. I reached level sixty something & got stuck. I realized it’s sucking up my time so NO MORE. Except sometimes on the bus. Or in a rickshaw *le sigh*
    I must try WOW though. I love mmorpgs but I haven’t tried this one yet.

    • http://www.xuvious.com/ Xuvious

      That’s pretty much how I lose interest in games, I get stuck and just can’t deal with it. :p

  • http://www.stylefried.com/ Shruti S

    Oh Candy Crush! The only reason I don’t play is that it’s too addictive 😛

    • http://www.xuvious.com/ Xuvious

      I kinda got stuck at a level for ages and then gave up! Got cured of my addiction! ^_^

      • http://www.stylefried.com/ Shruti S

        haha! good for you. Everyone in my family and work is (more than addicted) addicted! If I could say Candy Crush fetish, that would, too, be an understatement 😀