Mustaine : A Life in Metal by Dave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine for those of you who don’t know, is the frontman of Megadeth and a guitar legend. This book is his autobiography.


Mustaine recalls everything from his time growing up with a single mom, to a drug dealer to an avid guitar player. His time with Metallica and ultimately his journey with Megadeth.


Mustaine takes us from his childhood upto his pinnacle of success with Megadeth and life afterwards. Inspite of having a troubled life, he manages to come through. For a fan, it’s a must read. And yes, there’s a lot of Metallica in here as well.

The entire book and his narration seems very true to his persona and believable. There’s a sincerity in the way he admits his mistakes, sometimes a staunch arrogance or his opinions. I found it to be a great read. Without the intention of judging a person, I think it’s a good account of his life. It differs from what you read in the “media” and a good read.






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