Smiley’s People by John Le Carre

Smiley’s People is one of the best written by Le Carre. You see the final end to the Smiley-Karla fight. It’s without noise and grandeur but very smart and brilliantly pieced together.


Following the trail of a murdered ex-informant, Smiley uncovers that there’s a lot more to the mystery. Smiley, now back from retirement (again) is forced to revisit old collegues and old enemies to find out what really happened.


Ah… it’s brilliant. For Smiley-Karla fans, it doesn’t get better than this. You get “closure” in this book. It’s written really well and also keeps you alert. You start with all these pieces which slowly come together towards the end and you wonder how something so simple is so difficult ti deduce back in the backs when there were no cell phones or CCTV. People relied so much on memory. You get a glimpse of Connie, Toby, Lacon, Gulliam and all the known characters from past books.

Smiley now called back from retirement for the second time gets to play spy again and while his peers are skeptical of his views behind what happened, It’s almost as if Smiley hopes there will be something more to it. When he finally realises what it all means you feel a sense of relief and “Of course! You’re talking about Smiley here! He can’t be wrong”. Ok, maybe I’m the only one who really thinks so… but the ending really is brilliant and a complete surprise.

If you love espionage, you’ll love this book.






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