The Wandering Falcon by Jamil Ahmad

I’ve read a lot of books between October and now but I decided to finally sit down and write a review. Writing a review is almost like reading it again because I go through all the highlights in my mind; what I should include, what I shouldn’t, would this be a spoiler?

The Wandering Falcon by Jamil Ahmad is a brilliant book with a gripping story about a boy residing in the mountain tribes of Central Asia between Afganistan and Pakistan. Ahmad himself, belonging to one of these tribes had a deep connection and sympathy for them. I was at one of his talks at the Jaipur Literature Festival this year and hearing him speak about the tribe made me want to read this book even more!


The Wandering Falcon chronicles a young boy and his nomadic life in the tribal region between Pakistan and Afganistan. It reveals the customs, beliefs, dreams, secret animosities and paints almost a full picture about the tribe culture in that area.


What I like the most about this book, is that every character comes with his/her flaws. You cannot agree with everyone but you feel something for them. There is so much pride in these people that it’s remarkable in to hold that in a time when so much is going askew but also makes you think, is it a red herring?

At a time when the focus is about the bloodshed in the main cities of Pakistan and Afganistan, the people in the tribes have been aside and forgotten in many ways. The book not only tells a great story, but also tells you why these people need global attention and help.



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