Three Plays by Ayn Rand

Last month I picked up Three Plays by Ayn Rand. It’s a collection of 3 plays . They belong to the crime, law and social scenes.


The three plays are :
Night of January 16th – crime drama set in court
Ideal – Also a mystery and crime drama about an actress on the run who is charged with murder
Think Twice – a murder mystery


I somehow felt that 16th January was too predictable. Ideal had a great story and so much variety in all the different chracters. Kay Gonda has a very mysterious and intriguing personality an you were left hanging right till the last scene. I enjoyed it a lot.
The last play, wasn’t really gripping or interesting for me.

I think you like Ayn Rand’s books and would like to see a different kind of writing from her, this is a good one time read.







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