Update: My lovely iMac is broken

  Hey guys, I come with sad news. My pretty iMac is broken and just won't start up. I have to take it for repair. But my database of pictures, swatches and posts is all here. I'll be taking a hiatus from make up/review posts till the situation is resolved. Until then, enjoy the movie reviews and fashion posts :) Hope you are all doing well.Read more

Goa Baga Beach Guide

  I recently went on a little trip to Goa. I thought I'd put together a like guide of my findings of good places to go to. Now, if your sole purpose to go to Goa is to chill on the beach, party, eat good food, then read ahead. For sightseeing please refer to lonely planet. My ideal trip to Goa is staying at Baga Beach and having day trips to Palolem and Anjuna.Read more