October 2012 List Love

October 2012 List Love

Books to Read 1. The Casual Vacancy - J.K Rowling I'm dying to read this! Like a crazy person I maintain a list of books I want to read, this one is 5th at the moment. I'm going to break the queue and bring this up! 2. Smiley's People - John Le Carre I finished reading this in October. Smashing book! A lot of mysterious pieces put together brilliantly. Read my review here.   Link Love – Beauty & Fashion 1. Buy Now Blog Later - I came across some new fashion blogs…Read more

August 2012 List Love

Fashion Week will be here soon but lets look at what I discovered last month. Instagram of the Month   Books to Read I'm currently reading The Circle of Reason by Amitav Ghosh. It's a really great book. I'll review it soon by the end of the month. Killer Puzzles by Kjartan Poskitt are the most difficult, infuriatingly complicated but addictive puzzles I've ever played.  All four of them are great.   Link Love - Beauty & Fashion 01. Gia Says That  - An Indian fashion and beauty blog that visually pleasing. She has…Read more

Play Where in the World is Carmen Sandeigo? in Windows XP

I think my biggest joy in the past few days was that I was able to play an old video game again. The title should give you a hint. Back in 7th standard to used to lurk in the CD-ROM section of Crossword trying to find a game which I would enjoy playing more than twice and which was also moderately priced. I came across "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" I used to play it on my then shiny PC which had Windows 98. And ever since the world switched over…Read more

June 2012 List Love

The monsoons are finally here! I love rain! It's the perfect time to go trekking or to a hill station. But dewy rainy weather does have its negatives; terrible for hair and makeup. I generally avoid face make up in the rains. I've been loving Gotye's songs this month. Especially the Somebody that I used to know remix by Tiesto. Instagram of the Month     Books to Read I'm currently reading  a collection of plays by Ayn Rand. Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James is something that I'm hearing a lot about…Read more

The Best jQuery Sliders

I work with jQuery UI quite often and you'd have to agree that sliders have become an integral part of web design. For it's fast response, jQuery sliders are the most chosen ones. That coupled with CSS3 and transition effects is what makes them such a great visual tool. The following aren't in any particular order. I will however, explain how I used them and what's unique about them. before you choose a slider, I think it's very important to understand your or your clients requirements. Go through galleries and other websites for inspiration. Once you…Read more

May 2012 List Love

I had a crazy May. It was quite hectic and exciting at work. But it didn't leave me time to pursue some other hobbies. I also had my room furniture redone this month. Everything is well organized and no more a gigantic mess!! Although I hope it stays that way for long.... Intsagram of the Month   Book to Read I actually didn't read anything new this month. I finished the Dave Mustaine book. I'll do a book review on it soon. One day I was bored and waiting so I was reading Harry…Read more

April 2012 List Love

This month was really hectic in terms of work irl. I didn't have a lot of time to just explore. But I did come across a lot of fab things! Intsagram of the Month Books to Read 01. Three Plays by Ayn Rand It's a collection of 3 short plays; Night of January 16th, ideal and Think Twice. After spy, I'm the mood to read something different. I've lately been very much into reading plays. 02. A Storm of Swords Part 1 by George R. R. Martin I kinda took a break when…Read more

March 2012 List love

This a montly post that I'll be doing where I collate what I want to read this month. I'll also includes links to stuff on the internet that interested me. Its a good way to have links and places I like in a centralized way. Hope you find something you like!   My Instagram of the Month Taken at a hill at sunset.   Books to Read 01. Mustaine by Dave Mustaine Megadeth fans? It took me long to find it and I finally have it! This month I want to try and…Read more

Top Ten iPhone Apps 2011-2012

Time for a gizmo post! With the new iPad (or iPad 3 as some call it) out, I spent my time partially admiring iOS 5 and its niceties. I thought I'd share my favourite apps. When I started writing this, I felt that 'just' favourite was too limiting. So instead I will continually make posts for best apps in their respective categories and this post is just an All-Stars version. Onto the list! Favourite iPhone Apps 2011-2012 1. Facebook - Keeps you connected (and distracted) at all times! I didn't like the older…Read more

Kindle Fire Review

Sometimes luck strikes and you are gifted with a free Kindle Fire! After using it for a month I have two perspectives for this review. One is purely based on the technological aspect and the other is its benefit in a market like India. When I first held it I was 'squeeeeeing' with excitement which was probably heightened by the fact that I was getting it for free!                         Looks : I think it looks fab. It doesn't look like cheap plastic.…Read more