The Best jQuery Sliders

I work with jQuery UI quite often and you'd have to agree that sliders have become an integral part of web design. For it's fast response, jQuery sliders are the most chosen ones. That coupled with CSS3 and transition effects is what makes them such a great visual tool. The following aren't in any particular order. I will however, explain how I used them and what's unique about them. before you choose a slider, I think it's very important to understand your or your clients requirements. Go through galleries and other websites for inspiration. Once you…Read more


  A time may come when you need to 'code' video conversions or maybe you've just fallen in love with Terminal. Either way, this post should guide you through the installation, setup and usage of ffmpeg and libx264 in CentOS. I was working on a project where I had to create videos from image sequences. I decided to use H.264/AVC as I wanted the app to be cross browser compliant. Hope you found this useful. If you come across any problems and have suggestions, please comment below. I am by no means an…Read more