Contrast colours┬álike red and green go well together when there’s a darker colour┬áto merge them. Here I’m pairing a simple dark floral dress when bright coloured accessories. Share your combinations for summer!







01. I love this floral swing dress. I like wearing it with jeggings because it’s a tad bit short and sways a lot. From Miss Selfridge

02. The green pendant looks antique. It was a gift from a very dear friend of mine. It’s very bold and I think it goes well with this.

03. The cotton mix shopper bag is really old. But it has such a cute bunny on the outer pocket! It’s very roomy. Vintage

04. Strappy stilettos look great with this kind of look. As do wedges. I don’t wear these very often but they are very comfy and certainly for special occasions. From Aldo

05. Since the jewelry is minimal here, a nice ring puts everything together. The leather two finger T-bar ring is more edgy but certainly adds a difference. From Miss Selfridge.


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