Fall 2012 RTW Alexander McQueen

Poodle. Cousin It. Lady Gaga. Whooa… what??

Reading comments for this collection was a fun fest. I will begin by saying this. There are some collections which more art than they are clothing. I’m not biased but if the art isn’t good and neither is the clothing, its pointless.

So now, I can’t imagine how anyone didn’t like this collection. Sure, its eccentric. Its McQueen. But you can’t not stare and wonder at how all this was made and not notice the beauty in the collection. I’ll start with the shoes. How adorable and comfy do they look? I want them! The like the straps it has. The jacquard white coats looked elegant and there might only be a few who pull it off well, but its meant to make a statement. I did like the reddish pink coloured gowns with roses at the neckline. It looked beautiful and elegant.

But kudos to the models who walked in the final gowns; I just can’t…

But the finale black gown looks so stunning. I hope someone dons it at the Met Gala or something.


Fall 2012 RTW Alexander McQueen




Image Credit : Style.com | Entire Collection

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