Fall 2012 RTW : Louis Vuitton

Marc Jacobs added his vision of extraordinary details and huge hats to the Louis Vuitton collection as well. Some of the techniques used can only be marvelled at. I don’t see many people wearing the entire look but many of them did have beautifully embroidered details like leather patchwork, prints etc.

What drew me to this collection was the optical disc/kaleidoscope patterns on thick fabric. It wowed me. As I read one person say, many of the coats were very ‘Downtown Abbey’-ish. I certainly felt that way with the opening piece. But as the show progressed, there was more to the collection. I liked the red and silver metallic dress and the black and blue ones. Overall, I did like the collection; many of the separates might actually be seen on people. The hats, not so much.

The glitter/sequin bags are gorgeous!


Image Credit : Style.com | Entire Collection

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