Fall 2012 RTW : Marc Jacobs

Some shows ¬†are meant as a exhibition of techniques, bringing abstract ideas to life. This was one of them. But in a time when even the big fashion houses need to rethink their business models, does such ‘wasteful’ and ‘hideous’ (as dubbed by many viewers) extravagance justify itself? Or is there no limit to artistic scope? Its always a dilemma for me. But now to review the actual show.

I have a strong dislike for unflattering silhouettes. But the details in these pieces was hard to ignore and very eye catching. I really like the rich fabrics and textures mixed together. I liked the light grey coat with the bright detailing. Sequins and paisley, I wonder if we might see that somewhere. The patchwork and metallic fabric could potentially make very sheek looks.

Thus, in the end, I’m on the fence about this one. There is so much life and creativity in this collection and yet at the same time, it only remains a show. But that is yet to be seen.


Fall 2012 Ready to Wear – Marc Jacobs



Image Credit – Style.com

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