Haul and Shopping Review

I recently hauled form and I thought I’d share my experience with you! I was actually going through but they didn’t have everything I wanted in stock so I looked to the main website.

What I Hauled 

I got a mint green top a sheer top panel.

A beige rectangular mini satchel bag.

A black suede-like pump with rose gold metal on the toe.


So you get free delivery to India if you purchase more than Rs. 6500 otherwise you have to pay Rs.790 (approximately) for shipping. Why so much? Because they ship it from Spain! I had no idea! I only realised it when they sent me a DHL tracking number, which intrigued me and saw the origin was Barcelona. Still, I’m glad they’ve made delivery to India possible. And it’s just so much safer knowing that it’s with DHL. My order reached me within 5 days of dispatch. No time was wasted in customs and no added custom fees either. I’m really pleased!


02-03 mango haul 1


02-03 mango haul 2


02-03 mango haul 3


02-03 mango haul 4


02-03 mango haul 5




Brands : Mango (duh)

Navigation : Very good, I like that everything is ajaxified and quick to browse.

Design : Very sleek and modern.

Delivery : For India it’s free delivery above Rs. 6500 otherwise you have to pay Rs. 790. Also, they delivery by DHL so you get tracking and it reaches you in about 5 days. Excellent service.

Discounts : As sales going on all round generally.

Overall : 5/5


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