I’m so excited!! Yes, Mango is also available on ShopAtMajorBrands.com but if you’ve ever traversed their apparel section, you’ll know that it’s a tad bit difficult.

I recently went to Mango.com and noticed that they started shipping to India as well! About time though. I hope Zara, MAC catch on to this too.

Shipping costs Rs. 790 which is a bit steep! But shipping is free if the order totals over Rs. 6500. There are lots of options and choices which I don’t find on major brands that are available on the MANGO site.

But my suggestion would be to pick and choose. Buy when there is a sale. If you find the item on major brands as well, choose that instead since shipping is free over Rs. 300. Mango Outlet can also be shopped from major brands, but not yet from Mango itself. So keep an eye out for pieces you want and be smart with your purchases. Also, you can buy certain Mango items from Asos.com as well. Collate what you really want and add up totals to see which is cheapest.

I can’t review the shipping service itself since I haven’t purchased anything. But I would be happy to link to external reviews if you email it to me.

But aside from buying smart, its good to see retailers offer shipping on official websites. I hope this trend continues to grow! So, I couldn’t help but window shop a bit. See my picks below!

Image Credit : Mango.com


01. Cross Over Wrap Dress – Rs. 2,990

02. Flower printed Maxi dress – Rs. 6,990

03. Contrast Dress – Rs. 3,690

04. Shiny Bowling Bag – Rs. 4,690

05. TOUCH Rigid Clutch – Rs. 3,990

06. Print Flower Jumpsuit  – Rs. 3,690

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  • zara

    wow!! this is awesome….but shipping is to much…sigh…

    • X

      Yea… I’m hoping they have a sale or something soon. Being good friday! :)