September 2012 List Love

September 2012 List Love

Fashion week was brilliant and I was in such a frenzy to put up posts. That and handling work was just a wee bit too much.     Books to Read 1. MI6 by Keith Jeffery - I recently picked this up. It's non fiction and a true account of the ongoings at SIS. Oh, if you're interested in Cold War spy stories, Cambridge Spies by BBC is a good series to watch.   Link Love - Beauty & Fashion 1. The Cut - After this has become my fav go to…Read more

March 2012 List love

This a montly post that I'll be doing where I collate what I want to read this month. I'll also includes links to stuff on the internet that interested me. Its a good way to have links and places I like in a centralized way. Hope you find something you like!   My Instagram of the Month Taken at a hill at sunset.   Books to Read 01. Mustaine by Dave Mustaine Megadeth fans? It took me long to find it and I finally have it! This month I want to try and…Read more

Top Ten iPhone Apps 2011-2012

Time for a gizmo post! With the new iPad (or iPad 3 as some call it) out, I spent my time partially admiring iOS 5 and its niceties. I thought I'd share my favourite apps. When I started writing this, I felt that 'just' favourite was too limiting. So instead I will continually make posts for best apps in their respective categories and this post is just an All-Stars version. Onto the list! Favourite iPhone Apps 2011-2012 1. Facebook - Keeps you connected (and distracted) at all times! I didn't like the older…Read more