Fall 2012 Couture : Malson Martin Margiela

Malson Martin Margiela has a collection that embodies architechtural inspirations from New York. I happen to like the jewel encrusted masks. I suppose they would make good headgear instead. The belt fastenings on the dresses are meant to depict a doorknob from a plush New York building. But I like the different styles incorporated. They seem to cover every trend this season. But I wish there was more fluency. Love the sheer lace trousers.                 Image Credit : Style.com | Entire CollectionRead more

Fall 2012 Couture : Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier has  a very exciting couture collection this season. He draws inspiration from artists, writers in Paris. The collection is very masculine and edgy. There's a mix of leather and fabric which embodies hard and soft aspects of the look. The jeweltoned dresses and gowns have exaggerated collars and frames at the hips to emphasize it. But you also have intricately designed gowns in flattering colours. I love the black mesh maxi dresses and colourful geometric patched pants.                          …Read more

Fall 2012 Couture : Elie Saab

Elie Saab. Need I say more? It's a collection I always look forward to. There isn't much of surprise left in Elie Saab's collections anymore, you know what to expect. But I still haven't had enough because he makes them all look beautiful in so many interesting ways. We start off with black semi sheer gowns with lace and bead work. They look sensual and extraordinary. The finale wedding gown is very beautiful with its intricate work and flattering colour. I loved the teal and grey blue gowns with golden details. The collection…Read more

Fall 2012 Couture : Giambattista Valli

Valli's couture collection paints the picture of a beautiful garden. With peaks of volume and prints, the collection is beautiful. The transition from red to green makes the contrast colours look very harmonious. I love the use of feathers to accentuate the waist and the applique. To imagine all this done by hand, you can truly appreciate the craftsmanship. I love the green flowy gowns and the high ruffle neck ones. I also liked the one shoulder green and black print gown with the layered skirt. Each piece is so unique and yet they…Read more

Fall 2012 Couture : Ulyana Sergeenko

Ulyana Sergeenko's debut couture collection has a strong Russian influence that tell so many stories. The very first look is intimidating and militaristic. You have shabby chic, influences from the rural side of Russia as well as the mighty army. But it all comes well together. I love the bold shoulders in the collection and the flare skirts. The collection will impress many. I love Natalia in the finale look. I also love the dresses with applique and detailing.                            …Read more

Fall 2012 Couture : Armani Prive

I'm in love with this collection. There's something very peotic in this, almost like a story going from day to night. From ordinary to mystery. My musings aside, I love the palette of this collection. Black and blue together has me hooked. The silhouettes are casual chic. The gowns are so exquisite in all the work being done in it. I love that they've brought velvet back in a good way. I love the veils as well and the fact that no two veils look alike. I loved the concept and vision of…Read more

Fall 2012 Couture : Christian Dior

Christian Dior's couture collection this season is a debut for Raf Simmons. There was a lot of excitement and anticipation to see what his take for couture would be like. I feel it isn't as bad as the critism that's been thrown towards it. Yes, it starts looking like a Jil Sander collection but its to be expected. As the show progressed the dresses has more finesse and richness to them. The embroideries looked really beautiful. Although couture and wearable don't necessarily go together. This collection had both and I don't see that…Read more

Fall 2012 Couture : Givenchy

Givenchy's collection is the most intriguing couture collection so far. There is so much detailing and braiding in each pieces. But I love the silhouette's. It's absolutely gorgeous. I love the red and black kaftan which looks like an ethnic tribal print from afar but it's so dense in details. This is a collection many can draw inspiration from. Image Credit : Style.com | Entire CollectionRead more

Fall 2012 Couture : Chanel

Chanel resort collection is gorgeous.. There is so much detailing and richness of the design. I love the snoods, they make the overall appearance very chic. They were typical Chanel separates with a lot of detailing in the piping. I loved the pieces where there was that criss cross pattern. The finale dress with the feathers looks absolutely amazing and whimsical. The pants had a different silhouette altogether. They are like harem pants but not quite. ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;…Read more

Fall 2013 Couture : Versace

Versace's couture collection was very well received and deservedly so. There was so much colour, feminine and sensual pieces there. They incorporated a lot of new fabrics and intricate work on the bodice as well. The opening blazer and skirt with the large belt was a knock out. It looks so simple and yet had so much detail it in. I loved the gowns with the tight bodice, slit open leg and layers and flowing trail. They all look gorgeous. Many of the gowns had cut outs with crystals covering them up. They…Read more
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