Spring 2014 RTW : Jen Kao, Monique Lhuillier and Victoria Beckham

Spring 2014 RTW : Jen Kao, Monique Lhuillier and Victoria Beckham

Spring 2014 RTW at New York Fashion Week : Jen Kao, Monique Lhuillier and Victoria Beckham   Jen Kao There's more of a retro and simplistic vibe with Jan Kao's collection. Bringing back denim and plaid in a really casual and comfortable way. But there are also more bohemian pieces with the light floral dresses and the thin strings. And how adorable is that dog? <3 Monique Lhuillier This collection has a vibrant warm palette with lovely orange and pink hues. I love the girly and sophisticated looks. There are  a good amount…Read more

Spring 2013 RTW : Jen Kao

Ken Kao's Japanese inspired collection has incorporated origami folds and wooden platforms in her silhouette. Add everydaywear from athletic materials into the mix and you have a melting pot. Some of my most favourite pieces were the most simple ones. I love the coral and white mesh t-shirt and the blue denim trousers paired with the leather blue top. When the hint emerald green was spotted, it just brightens up the clothes and you take notice. I also love red slouchy trousers and the square patterned top. The orange weave dress is also…Read more

Resort 2013 : Jen Kao

Jen Kao's resort collection leans towards athletics.  Light easy fabrics with comfortable and simple silhouettes dominates the collection. But there are a few different pieces as well. The tight bodice dress with criss-cross piping and graphic prints make this collection busy. I like the argyle white sweater with the pattern denim and plaid pants. The coat in plaid and a sky blue lapel looks very mature. But I do like the final dress with the print over black and the sheer fabric on the sides.                  …Read more