Time for a gizmo post! With the new iPad (or iPad 3 as some call it) out, I spent my time partially admiring iOS 5 and its niceties.

I thought I’d share my favourite apps. When I started writing this, I felt that ‘just’ favourite was too limiting. So instead I will continually make posts for best apps in their respective categories and this post is just an All-Stars version.

Onto the list!

Favourite iPhone Apps 2011-2012

1. Facebook – Keeps you connected (and distracted) at all times! I didn’t like the older facebook app but now the design and navigation is cleaner, sexy and faster!

2. Instagram – From a simple photo app with retro filters, its turned into a photo loving community! I spend hours on this! You can find my instagram account on the sidebar :)

3. Evernote – This note taking app can sync anywhere. Mac, Windows, Web, Android, BB, iphone and the list goes on. Like dropbox, you will never be rid of your content! Especially helpful since gmail is blocked in office, this is a good way to have your files/notes with you all the time.

4. Shazam – This app recognizes music and tells you the name (most of the time). Its a great way to discover music you love.

5. XE – I’m always keeping up with the current currency. i don’t know why. It’s a obsession but mostly, when I look at stuff online I always want to know the price in rupees. The app is fast and customizable.

6. Dropbox – You can store and share files in a cloud for free. It’s available on all platforms.

7. Whatsapp – Internet messaging service available on all smartphones. Its not free on iPhone but its on sale during holidays and black friday. Thats when I got it! 😉

8. Yelp – This app is like yellow pages on your phone. you can find salons, restaurants, shops, hospitals etc. It is location based so you can find stuff around you as well.

9. Angry Birds – No phone is complete without Angry Birds. If you don’t know what it is (which I highly doubt), download it on Chrome and play. Then if you feel it’s worth it, download on iphone since its not free. Android does win here, Angry Birds is free.

10. Bejeweled – I can spend hours on this. Its also weirdly soothing to watch pretty gems crash and explode.

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