I’ve had a really lazy weekend. I’ve just been relaxing. I had more time on my hands and thought I’d do a tutorial. Now this one’s really bold. You might not wear this everyday but it’s a really fun look if you are looking to try something bright for a night out.


What You'll Need

01. Eye primer or eye shadow base like Mac Prep+Prime in Medium

02. Bright blue eye shadow like Inglot 426.

03. Dark blue or indigo eye shadow like Inglot 428.

04. Black eyeliner like Maybelline Khol Express.

05. Black mascara like Givenchy Phenomen’ Eyes









Step by Step

01. Start with moisturizing the eye and applying concealer (if needed). I was too lazy to put on concealer so please ignore the panda eyes.

02. Apply primer. I emphasis on this because colours like blues can look different on pigmented eye lids. It helps retain their original colour and give better pay off if you use a primer.

03. Take a flat shader brush and start patting the lighter blue eye shadow on the center of the lid.

04. Use the same eye shadow and sweep it over the lid just upto the crease.

05. Take the dark blue or indigo eye shadow on a tapered eye shadow brush and sweep it over the crease making a fine line. Also concentrate some on the outer corner of the lid. We’ll be blending this in the next step.

06. Take the dark blue eye shadow with a blending brush and start sweep it over the crease in circular motions going back and forth. Always stop and look to see how much has been blended. Then also blend the outer corner into the lighter blue. You should see a |> triangle being formed. Take it slightly outward to make a wing.

07. Finally apply a black eyeliner to the upper and lower lashline. Add your favourite mascara and your look is done!  :)


Hope you liked the tutorial. I think with fashion week coming up, I’ll do a series over the latest looks featured. Leave your comments and suggestions below!

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