China Glaze Frostbite Nail Polish

It’s the kind of colour that makes your heart skip a beat, shines in your eyes because it’s so bright and pretty much blinds everyone else. China Glaze Frostbite is a really bright cobalt blue.

The name frostbite for me indicates a icy white frosty kind of shade. But this one will do as well! It’s like the poster colour blue you get in bottles with a pearlescent effect. The shimmer is a lighter blue which looks really amazing in direct light. The shimmer is not quite as complex as something like Chanel Taboo or Zoya Valerie, but it still has that pretty car paint kind of effect.

Colourwise, I have a comparison for you at the end. The colour is a bit warmer compared to Sally Hansen Pacific Blue and it’s much brighter than Essie Aruba Blue which has a similar pearl effect in a deeper blue.

This isn’t a one coater; it’s not too sheer either but you definitely need a second coat. I feel like the first coat has a tendency to look a bit streaky. It’s a polish that would greatly benefit from a good base coat. The second coat kind of evens things out, no streakiness and makes it opaque.

Like most China Glaze polishes, the wear time was pretty good. These last well 5-6 days with no chipping, just minor tip wear.

The packaging is your standard glass bottle which feels weighty. I have actually dropped them a couple of times and thankfully none have broken! :p

You get 14ml of product for a very variable price! China Glaze are cheap at $3-$5 on US sites and ebay. That’s where I prefer buying them. But I have bought them from Indian sites as well when they were on discount for around Rs. 500. I tend to buy from ebay if its more than 3.

Photos and swatches below! China Glaze Frostbite Nail Polish 2

China Glaze Frostbite Nail Polish 1

China Glaze Frostbite Nail Polish 3


China Glaze Frostbite Nail Polish 5

China Glaze Frostbite Nail Polish 6

China Glaze Frostbite Nail Polish 7

China Glaze Frostbite Nail Polish 8

China Glaze Frostbite Nail Polish 9

L-R | China Glaze – Frostbite | Sally Hansen – Pacific Blue | Essie – Aruba Blue 



Name: Frostbite

Brand : China Glaze

Colour : Cobalt blue with pearl

Product Amount : 14ml

Consistency : Medium and creamy.

Finish : Glossy

Coats : 2 coats.

Application : Some streakiness in first coat

Durability : 6 days

Shelf Life : 36 months.

Price : $3-$5 if you buy from US sites or eBay. Rs.500 to 600 on Indian sites.

Available at : FlipkartBeautyKafeCherry Culture8ty8beautyBeyondPolish, ebay

Overall : 4/5

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  • Beepsa Biswas

    Love the gorgeous colour. The Sally Hansen one is a bit matte.

    • Xuvious

      Yes, in the same spectrum but quite different. :)