China Glaze Water You Waiting For Nail Polish

Hey guys! It’s been¬†a fun weekend so far! I saw The Imitation Game, I’m planning my Goa trip and to top it off, Man City lost which means Chelsea are in the clear! ūüėÄ

I got to do the fun part of unboxing this weekend, organizing my closet and makeup. I finally have a good amount of space where I can lay things out the way I’ve always wanted to. I cannot tell you, the amount of time spent in research and self reflection to finally draw up a plan of how I like things to be. I¬†would publish a paper on it, if there was such a journal. I’m excited! I’m so glad to finally get rid of my insane shoebox storage!

Anyway, moving on, here’s yet another glitter nail polish. I promise you, there’s no glitter theme this month but some how all the product reviews happen to be glitter centric.

China Glaze Water You Waiting For was part of the Cirque de Soleil collection that came out a few years ago. I always wanted this shade and spotted it on BeautyKafe at one point last year. I was just so happy to see a (sort of) new collection readily available that I just dived in and bought it. I couldn’t be happier!

It’s a teal or peacock blue base with small green and large indigo glitter. It’s so unique. I think the only similar nail polish I can think of is OPI Kendall on the Katwalk (which has purple glitter).

I’ve had this polish for a long time and the formula has changed a bit from when I bought it initially. Yes, nail polishes do thicken up overtime but not so much with China Glaze. I’ve had some for two years and the formula is as good as new. The change was a bit too much too soon with this polish.

Initially it¬†was medium in terms of consistency. It’s very glitter dense and a heavy polish but it applied smoothly and evenly. Full opacity as in the photos below in just two coats. After a couple of months the formula did start getting thicker. The application was¬†very clumpy and I only wore this on my toes because it was just too difficult to use on a larger area. I’ve used the OPI Thinner on it since and the formula has become more manageable, yet, not the same as when I first bought it.

The finish is matte and textured. I’ve tried using a topcoat but too many layers are required and it just feels too heavy. But a polish like this does look better without one.

It isn’t the most long lasting polish on me but still pretty decent. Around five days until I notice some major chipping, generally on my right hand. While the formula can be a bit problematic later on, it’s still a very good glitter polish if you love full opaque ones. Lastly, it is a pain to remove; foil method to the rescue!

China Glaze availability in India is spotty. It’s randomly available on usual sites like Jabong or Flipkart. If you’re out to buy lastest collections, CherryCulture, 8ty8 or eBay are there to serve.

Photos and swatches below!

China Glaze Water You Waiting For 1

China Glaze Water You Waiting For 2

China Glaze Water You Waiting For 3

China Glaze Water You Waiting For 4

China Glaze Water You Waiting For 5

China Glaze Water You Waiting For 6




Name: Water You Waiting For

Brand : China Glaze

Colour : Green and indigo glitter in a teal base

Product Amount : 14ml

Consistency : Thick

Finish : Textured

Coats : 2 coats.

Application : Very even and opaque

Durability : 5 days

Shelf Life : 36 months.

Price : $3-$5 if you buy from US sites or eBay. Rs.500 to 600 on Indian websites.

Available at : Cherry Culture, 8ty8beauty, BeyondPolish, eBay

Overall : 4/5

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  • fiona furtado

    Hey Advaita! I have a couple of China glaze nail polishes and have liked them. This shade looks gorgeous on you!

    • Xuvious

      Thanks Fiona! Which shades do you like?

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    That looks so awesome on your skin tone!

  • Bhuvana

    Looks very frozen themed.. Very bluesy n oh so fantastic:-)

    • Xuvious

      I don’t know why but I find it more mermaid like, maybe because it’s a darker blue. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  • Linda Libra Loca

    That is a really gorgeous shade. I love blue and teal, but don’t wear glitter except for very special occasions because of the removal problem, so I stopped buying them.

    Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • Xuvious

      I perfectly get it. I’m still not over my glitter phase though, I see one and it makes me melt. ūüėČ

  • Miss Makeup Magpie

    That is such a stunning shade! I love China Glaze polishes xx

    Gemma | ‚ô°

    • Xuvious

      Yes! Such good value for money and they come up with really unique shades! :)

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Really stunning <3

    • Xuvious

      Thanks! xx

  • Jaa

    I love the look of glitter nail polish but the removal process, though! >.<

    This shade looks really nice on your complexion! In fact, all the colors you have showcased so far look nice!

    • Xuvious

      I watch a good amount of TV when I’m removing glitter polishes, helps pass the time and not get annoyed! :)

      Thank you Jaa, thats so nice to hear! I think I end up buying a lot of odd colours because my obsession (having the entire spectrum of colours) has progressed from crayons to nail polishes. :p

  • nausheen

    It is looking lovely on your nails:)

    • Xuvious

      Thank you! xx

  • Krithi Marla

    wow such a gorgeous glitter shade
    i have told u anything blue -Im sold and i know even u r in the same category …
    Im so happy u were able to unbox everything ……:)

    • Xuvious

      I just really like the combination, it’s so odd but pretty!

      I had the best time unpacking my makeup! It was glorious! xD

  • Kristen / Glambunctious

    This is super fun! Love the comparison swatches – thanks! I loved this: “I would publish a paper on it, if there was such a journal.” As a fellow organization junkie, I can relate! :)

    • Xuvious

      It might sound a bit vapid but seriously so much thought goes into lipstick organization, it’s ridiculous! :p

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