I’m a nail polish junkie. Every weekend, I have my sacred “me time” routine of watching a movie or something and painting my nails. This week, I’m wearing Essie’s Aruba Blue on my nails. Its a gorgeous deep blue with greenish navy undertones. It also has blue microshimmer. Its not royal blue or electric blue like China Glaze Frostbite; more towards navy. Its quite opaque. But you do need 2 coats. It’s has a nice sheen to it, even without a topcoat. Adding one just makes it super glossy. It lasts for atleast 5 days without chipping. The consistency is somewhere in between, not too creamy.

I’m biased towards blue and purple nail polishes. I love this! I wear it atleast once a month. It was my first Essie polish as well. It looks really bright in sunlight.





As you can see in the last pic, its much darker indoors.


Name: Aruba Blue

Brand : Essie

Colour : Dark blue, veering towards navy with blue microshimmer. So concise. 😉

Product Amount : 15 ml

Consistency : Not very creamy but not sheer.

Finish : Glossy.

Coats : Turns opaque in 2 coats.

Application : It goes on smoothly, no streaks. The brush isn’t too wide.

Durability : No chipping for 5 days

Price : Around Rs. 450-500 when I got it.

Available at : 365 Gorgeous

Overall : 5/5


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