Guide to Berry Lips

If you are uncomfortable around an excessive amount of lipsticks, please retreat! This post is only for the brave!

I’m hoping, that this post will help you pick out or discover colours you’d like for your fall/autumn/winter looks. Now I don’t strictly follow seasonal trends but overall, I thought this post would be helpful to discover berry toned lipsticks (and other lip products).

We’re gonna work in three parts here.


Part One : Just Give Me Lipsticks To Look At

Umm… ok. Here you go.

Berry Lip Swatches 1

Berry Lip Swatches 2



Part Two : I Don’t Want To Read, Just Show Me The Damn Shades

Ok then. Enjoy!

Berry Lip Swatches 3

Berry Lip Swatches 4

Berry Lip Swatches 5



Part Three : More Words Please, I Miss Them

I’m going to work in groups here and offer choices. ‘Berry’ is a general term and you have variations from vampy reds to almost fuchsias that come under it. Prepare yourself for more reading and lip swatches.

The Dark Reds

  • Bobbi Brown – Creamy Matte Lip Color – Scarlet :: It has a really nice velvet matte kind of finish. The name Scarlet describes it perfectly. Very pigmented dark red.
  • Hourglass – Opaque Rouge Cream – Icon :: It’s a cool toned red but you can make it look deeper by applying more layers. It’s matte and looks very intense!
  • Shiseido – Perfect Rouge – RD 315 (Dragon Red) :: It’s the darkest red I own are it looks very vampy. This is creamy formula.
  • Givenchy – Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick – Illicit Raspberry :: This does have a slight pinky tone to it but it’s a nice berry red. Again, a smooth creamy texture with satin finish.

bobbi brown scarlet

hourglass icon

shiseido dragon red

givenchy interdit


Leaning towards Purple

  • Hourglass – Opaque Rouge – Empress :: Very very matte but a purple berry tone. It looks amazing.
  • Mac – Rebel :: It’s a darker berry shade and distinctly purplely. Very creamy with a satin finish.
  • Milani – Color Statement Lipstick – Sangria :: Extremely similar to Mac Rebel. I weep at the fact that I own both when I don’t need to. But this is a matte finish.
  • Maybelline – Lip Polish – Glam 6 :: Think of Mac Rebel in a lip gloss. It looks better with more coats on. Very glossy and non sticky formula.
  • Urban Decay – Revolution Lipstick – Venom :: I can’t tell you how much I love this. It’s very very purple with subtle micro shimmer. It’s a bit glossy with a very thin and creamy consistency.

hourglass empress

mac rebel

milani sangria

maybelline glam6

ud venom




Straight Up Pink Toned

  • Benefique – Lipstick Melty Touch – RS04 :: It’s very dark in the tube but it’s a sheer glossy berry red, which looks more pink on my lips.
  • Illamasqua – Magnetism :: Love this one! It’s berry but with a red undertone. It’s creamy with a satin finish.
  • Mac – Captive :: This can look too mauve on me but it looks more pink on some. It’s a very muted shade  with a Satin finish.
  • Stila – Lip Enamel Luxe Gloss – Euphoria :: This is heavy duty liquid lipstick that’s honestly a bit messy, but looks amazing if done right.
  • Rimmel – Lasting Finish Lipstick – Heartbreaker :: This was neglected member of my stash but I rediscovered it whilst doing this post and I love it. It’s cheap but very good quality. I don’t like the smell but it’s a creamy lipstick that lasts well. I also like that it’s more of a pink berry shade.



mac captive

stila euphoria




  • Milani – Color Statement Lipstick – Uptown Girl :: This is a crazy purple colour, borderline fuschia but I love it. This is does fall under “berry”. It’s a very creamy lipstick.
  • Revlon – Lip Butter – Raspberry Pie :: Very pigmented and glossy. Excellent value for money.

milani uptown girl

revlon raspberrypie



Offbeat Choices

  • Dior – Dior Addict Lipstick – Backstage :: This is a very sheer and moisturising lipstick. The colour is mauve with iridescent lilac pearl.
  • Nars – Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil – Club Mix :: Another offbeat choice is Club Mix which a muted maroon. I think it’s a very safe dark shade. It’s very creamy and glossy.

dior backstage

nars club mix


I know I haven’t covered some darker shades like Mac Cyber but I don’t have any shades like that.

Hope you guys like this post! Leave a comment below your favourite berry lipsticks!

In other news, well, Diwali withdrawal symptoms are setting in and I’m finding it hard to concentrate on work. Also, can anyone explain to me why Gone Girl hasn’t released yet in India? Yes, I’ve read the book but I’m dying to see it!


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  • adriana m

    omg!!! i like too many! hourglass empress is sooo pretty!

    • Xuvious

      Yes, that would definitely be one of my top picks. :)

  • Shari

    OH WOW. I am a huge fan of berry lips so I’m glad this is the first post I read on your blog, babe. Definitely adding you to my list of must-visit-daily! :) I even bookmarked this post for future reference. Atm, my favorite shade of berry is NARS Vivien! :)

    • Xuvious

      Thank you so much visiting! Hope it helps! :)

  • Agata

    Beautiful, beautiful shades! Mac Captive and Rimmel Heartbreaker would be my two picks. I will have to check out Captive next time I am at a Mac counter.

    • Xuvious

      Whilst making this post, I sort of rediscovered Heartbreaker, it’s such a lovely shade. It would definitely be one of my top picks from the lot. :)

  • Rashmi

    I know you warned in the beginning.. but damn I need to shop… m fidgeting i don’t hav enough!!

    • Xuvious

      Haha! You can always blame me for enabling you! 😉

  • Krithi Marla

    OMG u r queen of berry lips 😛
    such gorgeous collection ……..loved it !!

    • Xuvious

      Hope it helps! :)

      • Krithi Marla

        yes yes it does gal for sure :)