Just Swatches : Sigma Creme de Couture Collection

What have we here? The glorious Sigma Creme de Couture Collection!

This macaroon inspired collection was just too good to pass up on! Have I mentioned how much I love macaroons and how adorable this collection looks?

The collection consists of a 16 eyeshadows palette and 3 separates blushes.

You can get this from Sigma Beauty. You can get all 3 blushes and the palette together (which is cheaper) or buy individual blushes and palette. Be sure to look for a  discount code from a YouTuber or another beauty blogger, they generally have 10% discount codes all year round.

Some of my favourite eyeshadows are Redberry Rose, Passion fruit, Creme de Menthe and Cassis. These are definitely meant to be worn over a primer or over a white eyeshadow to make them pop, otherwise it might not show up true to pan.

The blushes in this collection are –

Cherry Apple : This is the most flattering shade out of all there. It’s a muted dark peachy shade. I’m not sure I have anything like it but so far it looks good!

Strawberry Ambrosia : This reminds me Mac Well Dressed, gorgeous cool toned baby pink.

Blackberry Essence : I think this is my first purple blush. It’s such a beautiful lavender shade! This will look great on lighter skintones but on darker skintones to avoid looking ashy, you can mix this with plum or hot pink blushes to get a deeper purple.

Without further ado, here are the photos and swatches!


sigma creme de couture 1

sigma creme de couture 2

sigma creme de couture 3

sigma creme de couture 4

sigma creme de couture 5

sigma creme de couture 6

sigma creme de couture 7

sigma creme de couture 8
sigma creme de couture 9

sigma creme de couture 10



Please tell me I’m not the only one who finds this absolutely adorable!

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  • http://beautynbuzz.com/ BeautynBuzz

    wow…such an amazing packaging :) Love these

    Do visit http://www.beautynbuzz.com :)

    • http://www.xuvious.com/ Xuvious

      Yea, I like it when companies put extra thought into products. ^_^

  • Krystle Kouture

    I doubt I’d use the eye palette but those blushes look amazing!

    • http://www.xuvious.com/ Xuvious

      Cherry Apple is really good. Yea, it’s not for everyday wear but good to get if you like playing with makeup. :)

  • http://www.gingersnapsxoxo.com/ Karishma

    Oh my you have put so much work into this wonderful post.
    Love your layout!


    • http://www.xuvious.com/ Xuvious

      Thanks! Hope you find it useful. :)

  • http://www.beautyfrontline.com/ Beauty Frontline

    You have no idea how beautifully yu have done swatches.. Pretty and I love these shades :)

    • http://www.xuvious.com/ Xuvious

      Aww, thanks hun! xx

  • Paritashah26

    Love Casis shade! its my fav from all above!

    • http://www.xuvious.com/ Xuvious

      Mine as well! xx

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