Mac ‘The Simpsons’ Lipglass in Red Blazer

So excited for this post!! As you might have guessed, I picked up a little something from the limited edition Mac x The Simpsons collection! The minute I heard about the collection a few months ago, I knew I had to get it. When the collection actually came out, I was disappointed with the range. No lipsticks, just 4 glosses, 2 blushes, 2 eyeshadows and nail stickers. I was hoping it would be massive and diverse.

Anyway, my initial greed had me adding 2 lipglosses, a blush and an eyeshadow palette to the shopping cart. I’m quite proud of myself that in the end, I managed to bring that down to just one lipgloss, Red Blazer. *pats back*

A note on how I bought it; it’s not available in India yet, I also don’t trust the Pune Mac stores to keep it in stock, so I bought it from Nordstrom and had it shipped to a friend who brought it here. I think the lipglosses are sold out on Norstrom now, but a few other items from the collection are still available. But as I said, it’s yet to be released in India. :)

Mac The Simpsons Lipglass in Red Blazer, is a bright warm pink base with fuchsia shimmer. It gives a really nice warm lip with cool toned sheen effect. It’s very pigmented and unlike anything I own. The closest glossy shade I could find in my collection was the Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in Fuchsia Libre.

The lip gloss is thick and very pigmented. Two layers and it’s opaque with no sign of my underlying pigmentation. It’s also very smooth and even with a very wet glossy look. I also like that the shimmer is very fine but still visible.

I feel like it’s a bit heavy on the lips, not the most comfortable lipgloss if you prefer a weightless feel. But it adheres to the lips with a bit of tackiness that lets it last for 4-5 hours which is quite good. If you do eat or drink, it will transfer and come off though. The thicker texture and tackiness also makes this stay in place as it doesn’t move around much.

Overall, it’s a better than average lip gloss but not the best. It has a lovely vanilla fragrance and it’s priced at $16 for 4.8ml. That comes to around Rs. 1000 but it’ll probably cost a bit more when it releases it India. :/

If you are a huge Simpsons fan, that’s just it, you probably feel at this point that you need it in your life. Far be it for me to talk you out of it but if you do want to invest in this collection, I recommend either this lipgloss or the other violet shade. If you’re very fair, the peachy toned lip gloss will suit you well. And if you want to shell out more, the blushes are pretty good as well (from what I’ve read on the interwebs).

The packaging is just adorable. I love the box art and how only Marge’s hair is highlighted. The inside of the box is also blue, which is such a nice detail. I also like the art on the lipgloss. You get your regular doe foot applicator with it.

This Diwali, I know I’ll be rocking Red Blazer for sure.

Photos and swatches below! Enjoy!

Mac The Simsons Collection Lipglass in Red Blazer 1

Mac The Simsons Collection Lipglass in Red Blazer 2

Mac The Simsons Collection Lipglass in Red Blazer 3

Mac The Simsons Collection Lipglass in Red Blazer 4

Mac The Simsons Collection Lipglass in Red Blazer 5

Mac The Simsons Collection Lipglass in Red Blazer 6

Mac The Simsons Collection Lipglass in Red Blazer 7

Mac The Simsons Collection Lipglass in Red Blazer 8

Mac The Simsons Collection Lipglass in Red Blazer 9

Mac The Simsons Collection Lipglass in Red Blazer 10

 L-R | Mac The Simpsons Lipglass – Red Blazer | YSL Gloss Volupte – 29 Terriblement Fuchsia | Bourjois Colour Boost – Fuchsia Libre | Chanel Levres Scintillantes – Day Dream | Nyx Butter Gloss – Strawberry Parfait




Name: Red Blazer (Lipglass)

Brand : MAC ( The Simpsons Collection)

Colour : Bright pink with fuchsia shimmer

Product Amount : 4.8ml

Coverage : Very pigmented

Finish and Texture : Thick and a bit sticky with a smooth glossy finish

Durability : 4  hours

Fragrance : Vanilla

Price : $16 ~ Rs. 990/- (but it will probably cost a lot more in India when it releases)

Available at : MAC stores, Nordstrom (Mac Page)

Overall : 4/5

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  • adriana m

    I want this!!! The color is so nice!!!

    • Xuvious

      Haha you need to get it! ^_^

  • nausheen

    Wow awsome shade :)

  • Agata

    I love this shade!

  • Krithi Marla

    Nice packaging and nice color too

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