Olay Complete Care Touch of Foundation in Medium

I’m not sure if this is a limited edition item or if they’ve discontinued it. If it is, than I’d be very sad indeed. I was once in need of a tinted moisturizer, this is the first one I came across and bought in an instant! My gamble turned out for the better; this has been a saviour in cold winter months.

As I may have said many times before this, I have very dry skin. The thought of putting it through foundation in winters and making it worse is unimaginable. So when these started coming along, I was quite happy. Olay’s Complete Care tinted moisturizer works so well. It feels like any ordinary face cream but has a nice colour with it to even out your skintone. I have it in the shade medium which goes pretty well with my skintone.

The coverage offered is very sheer. Don’t expect this to conceal any spots or hide problematic skin. At the least it evens out your skintone and keeps you moisturized. I typically use my daily moisturizer anyway and then use this over it by dotting it around my face and blending it with my hands. There aren’t any patches of heavy product, it all spreads evenly as you blend. Using this with a dense flat-top brush or a stipling brush also works well. Since the consistency is so soft, it’s easier to blend it well.

You get a satin finish with this. It doesn’t look matte or dewy, it’s somewhere in between. I’m quite happy with that look. Setting it with powder makes it more polished and it lasts longer too.

One downside to a sheer cover is that it definitely does not last long. But each product has it’s own uses. I mainly needed good and light coverage for 5-6 hours when I used this a lot. If you are just stepping out of the house for an errand, a class etc, this is a good alternative.

The packaging is quite good. The pump works really well although it gets messy overtime. The cap also makes this good to travel with. It’s nice size to carry around; not too big or small.

I bought this in Boots in UK, I have no clue where it’s available now.

Photos and swatches below!

16-01 olay tinted moisturizer 1


16-01 olay tinted moisturizer 2


16-01 olay tinted moisturizer 3


16-01 olay tinted moisturizer 4

Swipe on the left, blended on the right.

16-01 olay tinted moisturizer 5


16-01 olay tinted moisturizer 6




Name: Complete Care Touch of Foundation

Brand : Olay

Colour : Medium

Product Amount : 50ml

Coverage : Sheer

Consistency : Creamy, like an ordinary face cream

Finish and Texture : Stain finish after absorbing

Durability : Starts fading after 3-4 hours.

Fragrance : Not noticeable.

Shelf Life : 12 months

Price : £10 ~ Rs. 900

Available at : Boots

Overall : 4/5


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