Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in 200 Soft Beige

I’ve had such a  busy schedule lately and the blog has severed from a lot of neglect. I hope to correct that from today. I think I’ll be reducing the number of posts I make per week just to make it more manageble.

This is foundation I was using quite often last year and most of it is over actually. Sorry for the terrible state it’s in but pumps are so hard to manage. I bought Rimmel’s Match Perfection Foundation after I read a review online. I wanted something for daywear and wasn’t willing to spend a ton on it.

I got the shade 200 Soft Beige which is a bit lighter than my skintone in some areas like my forehead, so I mixed it with another and used it for those areas. It’s a liquid foundation and the consistency isn’t too thin or runny. It’s very easy to work with. I use a stippling brush to apply it and buff it in.

The finish it gives is a nice satiny one. The foundation gives medium to heavy coverage but I feel that if you apply too much it can look very matte and powdery. Just a thin layer makes it look really even and natural. It claims to adapt to the skin texture and I that it does stay true to this as long as you apply the right amount to give medium coverage. Like I said, too much can look very powdery.

It contains SPF 15 which is ideal for a foundation if you wear it out in the day. But it’s quite unsuitable for flash photography, it can come up too white and ashy.

This lasts pretty well, about 5-6 hours so it’s adequate but not long lasting exactly. I prefer not using this in winters because by sin is very dry and it just looks too powdery on it. I think it will suit people with oily/combination skin better.

The packaging is quite good. The glass bottle is sturdy. The pump is messy but you get a good amount of foundation to work it. It doesn’t spill out in excess. The price really makes this good value for money. I think this is repackaged now, I’m not sure if the formula has changed.

Photos and swatches below!

rimmel match perfection forundation 1


rimmel match perfection forundation 2


rimmel match perfection forundation 3


rimmel match perfection forundation 4


rimmel match perfection forundation 5


rimmel match perfection forundation 6



Name: Match Perfection Foundation

Brand : Rimmel

Colour : 200 Soft Beige

Product Amount : 30ml

Coverage : Medium

Consistency : Liquidy but not too runny

Finish and Texture : Satin but cakey if overapplied

Durability : Starts fading after 5-6 hours.

Fragrance : Not discernible

SPF : SPF 15

Shelf Life : 24 months

Price : Around £7 ~ Rs. 560-600

Available at : Parcos stores

Overall : 3.5/5

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