Rose Gold Eye Tutorial

Hello munchkins! So I haven’t done a tutorial in a really long time and with all the free time I have I’ll doing a couple in the upcoming weeks.

I have really really deepset eyes and so I generally like to wear eye shadows that make my eye area brighter! For the past few months, this has been my go-to look for any occasion. It’s really easy to do and goes with pretty much everything as well. Hope you like it!

rose gold tutorial 7



What You'll Need

1. Eye primer like Mac Prep+Prime in Medium 

2. Rose Gold eye shadow like Urban Decay Toasted

3. Matte medium or neutral brown eye shadow like Urban Decay Buck

4. Darker brown eye shadow like Urban Decay Hustle

5. Highlighter or lighter rose gold eye shadow like Urban Decay Sin

6. Black eyeliner like Mac Technakohl 

7. Mascara like Revlon Grow Luscious


Tutorial :

rose gold tutorial 1

rose gold tutorial 2

rose gold tutorial 3

rose gold tutorial 4

rose gold tutorial 5

rose gold tutorial 6



Step by Step

1. Apply moisturizer to the lid and then a primer. This will help the eyeshadow stay longer and the pay off  will be more intense.

2. Apply a rose gold shade all over the lid. Don’t worry about being too neat at this point. Just leave some place at the crease.

3. Take a neutral colour and sweep it back and forwards in a line across the crease. Since I have deep set eyes, I don’t put too much focus on the crease. If you don’t have a pronounced crease, you can make this line thicker or use a darker colour to show more depth.

4. Take a darker brown or black (if you want to make it more intense) and make a small triangle on the outer corner. Use a nice and fluffy blending brush to smoothen the lines and make a nice gradient over to the rose gold shade. If the area on the outer corner gets too large, don’t worry! Use a q-tip and dip it in your makeup remover, simply erase the area where you don’t want the eye shadow.

5. Also, use the blending brush and sweep across the crease again, this will help blend the dark brown and neutral one.

6. Take a highlighting colour or a lighter rose gold shade and place it from the inner corner to about 1/3rd of the lid. Use the handy blending brush again to make it seamless.

7. Finally, use a black eyeliner on your upper and lower lash lines. Draw a thicker line over the lid as you prefer.

8. Top it off with mascara and voila! :)


rose gold tutorial 8

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  • adriana m

    Nice tut.. it looks so easy to do :)

    • Xuvious

      Thanks, let me know if you try it out :)

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