Formula X for Sephora Nail Polish in Bond, Iconic Bond

From my shamefully large nail polish collection, there was one shade missing until now, gold. I was so eager to try Formula X for Sephora, they really do have amazing polishes in different finishes. The various glitter ones are really worth a look!

Formula X for Sephora in Bond, Iconic Bond comes from the Lusters range. I suppose they are sheer to medium glitter polishes that can achieve a full coverage. Well, atleast this one can! Bond Iconic Bond is that perfect gold which isn’t too yellow nor too light. It has shimmer and multi size glitter which looks amazing!

I’m very impressed with the quality of this one. The consistency is thin and the polish is slightly sheer, you get an opaque look in two or three coats. The glitter is distributed evenly and doesn’t fall on the sides. It’s best to use thin coats which dry quickly and then build up.

The polish overall feels smooth except certain areas where there are larger chunks of glitter but a topcoat should solve that.

You get high shine metallic finish. It looks far better and glossy with a topcoat though!

This lasts well for a week and only minor tipwear. Also a good polish to wear if you’re lifestyle is very handsy (?) but you love glitter.

The size of the polish bottle is huge and very heavy! The top cover is enormous and thankfully, comes off to reveal a more friendly little lid. The brush width is medium and alright to work with. I think it looks very classy though.

You get 12ml of product for $12.50 (approx Rs. 800). The price changes depending on range. My suggestions to try out would be the Superwatts, Electrics, Lusters and Celestials. Again, these are only available at Sephora. Not sure if they are avaialble at the Indian one yet, let me know if it is!

Photos below!

sephora bond iconic bond nail polish formula x 1

sephora bond iconic bond nail polish formula x 2

sephora bond iconic bond nail polish formula x 3

sephora bond iconic bond nail polish formula x 4

sephora bond iconic bond nail polish formula x 5

sephora bond iconic bond nail polish formula x 6

sephora bond iconic bond nail polish formula x 7

sephora bond iconic bond nail polish formula x 8




Name: Bond, Iconic Bond

Brand : Sephora Formula X

Colour : Gold nail polish with multi size glitter

Product Amount : 12 ml

Consistency : Thin to medium

Finish : Metallic and shimmer

Coats :  Opaque in two coats

Application : Smooth and even after two coats

Durability : No chipping for 6-7 days

Price : $12.50 ~Rs. 800

Available at : Sephora

Overall : 5/5


I have a couple more Formula X for Sephora up for review. They have some really unique shades!

I’m so excited for New York Fashion Week which starts tomorrow!! Expect a ton of fashion posts! ^_^

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  • Harine G

    Love the shade :)

  • Preeti Kaur

    The shade is very pretty <3

    • Xuvious

      Agreed! xx

  • Magali

    It’s a beautiful shade! I don’t have a very large polish collection (just 20ish) but getting a good gold & silver were a priority! Mine are Zoya Trixie & Sally Hansen Golden-I, both foils. I’ve been seeing reviews of this range since it came out & they look very good! Meteoric especially is on my wishlist :)

    • Xuvious

      Meteoric is very unique!! I do like Trixie as well! ^_^