Hello folks! I thought I’d post a simple eye tutorial. I’m doing a gold bronze look. This can be played down or made more dramatic depending on the occassion or what you are comfortable with.



Below are the types of products that I’ve used. You can find something similar to work with. Then are the photos with simple instructions. If you what to read more detailed ones, scroll past them.

What You'll Need

01. Eye primer or eye shadow base like Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion.

02. Matte neutral brown eye shadow like Urban Decay Buck.

03. Gold and Bronze eye shadow like Nyx Peach Bronze.

04. Darker crease colour in dark brown or deeper gold shade like Nyx Golden Dune.

05. Gray or black eye shadow like Urban Decay Gunmetal.

06. Matte black like Mac Carbon.

07. Liquid Liner like Benefit Magic Black Liner.

08. Black mascara like Bobbi Brown No-smudge mascara.










Step By Step

01. Start by applying primer or an eye shadow base to the eye lid. Since we are working with metallic or shimmer shades, they do show up better with a base underneath.

02. Apply a matte neutral eye shadow shade closest to the colour of you lids or slightly darker. This will make the lid even in colour.

03. Now use a gold bronze shadow you like and apply it all over the main area of the lid. Steer clear of the crease and outer corners. Keep it inside.

04. Now use a darker brown or bronze colour and weep it across the crease in semicircular strokes. It might you like a line and very strak at this point but we will be blending it all in later.

05. Now take a bit of a blakca nd dark gray colour and pat it onto the outer corner of your lid.

06.You now have 3 distinct colours, the gold over the lid, dark bronze on the crease and grey on the outer colour. Now take a bit of the bronze colour you applied on the crease and start blending! First go over the crease line and gold eye shadow boundry so that it merges into a gradient. Then start doing small circles in the outer corner where the 3 colours meet. Keep working in small strokes and take breaks to see the progress. You don’t want to stretch the coverage of the individual colours, you just want to merge them.

07. The look is more complete when you’ve tightened your lashline and waterline. I’m using Mac’ Carbon and an angled brush for precision, you can use an eye pencil or any other one you can comfortable with.

08. You now have the final look! Apply liquid liner and mascara and you’re good to go!

If you’d like me to do tutorials of any particular looks you’ve come across, leave them in the comments! Hope you found it easy to do!


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