Tresemme Hair Fall Defense Shampoo

In the main months of winter (safe to call it summer now?) particularly in December-Jan I was going through a lot of hair fall. I’m generally very skeptical of the claims that hair products in general make but I had tried Tresemme when I was in UK and was very pleased with their products. I was looking forward to try out their new launched products in India, so I promptly picked up Tresemme’s Hair Fall Defense shampoo.

I won’t say this stopped my hairfall, but the quantity and frequency did reduce to a manageable amount. I like the salon like fragrance of this! The shampoo itself is white and very lotion like with medium thickness consistency. It lathers quite well but I felt I needed more quantity of this than I usually do. This got over very quickly! Luckily, it’s also quite cheap!

I think because it’s hair fall defense, the cleaning agents in this are milder than my previous shampoo (Herbal Essences Drama Queen). This greatly helped in reducing the hair fall I think. I definitely need to go for milder shampoos from now on! The ingredients are listed in the photos below, be sure to take a look if you are sensitive to certain chemicals.

There are two types to buy. One is 225ml for Rs. 128 and the other is the larger one for 600ml which comes with a pump. Speaking of packaging, I quite like this one. It’s easy to use and sturdier than most. It comes with a switch like opening. So far this has worked well for me, I definitely be buying this again or the Climate Control one.

Hmm… how much more can I write about a shampoo…

Photos below!


tresemme hair fall control shampoo 1


tresemme hair fall control shampoo 2


tresemme hair fall control shampoo 3



Name : Hair Fall Defense Shampoo

Brand : Tresemme

Consistency : Lotion like cream

Fragrance : typical salon like

Hairtype : Any

Product Amount : 225ml

Packaging : Bottle

Price : Around Rs. 128/-

Available from : Flipkart, Healthkart

Final Rating : 4/5



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