Vellvette Box : July 2013

I got my July Vellvette box pretty early this month! And I’m quite happy with this one as well! So the theme for this month’s box are quick fixes. I’m just happy to see more makeup and less skincare in this one!


vellvette box july 2013 1


vellvette box july 2013 2


vellvette box july 2013 3


vellvette box july 2013 4


01. Sally Hansen : Miracle Cure : Nail Treatment (full size)

This is a treatment for really damaged nails. If you wear nail polish as often as I do, you do notice your nails being more brittle or just a bit dried out. This is excellent timing because I’ve run out of my Zoya base coat and this can be used as one too! This claims to have natural proteins and anti-oxidants which penetrate the nail and help strengthen it.


02. LA Splash : Glitter Mascara in Abyss : Mascara (Full Size)

This is a charcoal colour glitter mascara. The silver glitter appears to be very fine. i haven’t worn this but the brush is big with shorter bristles. We’ll see how this goes! I’ve never worn a glitter mascara before.


03. Nyassa : Passion Burst : Body Mist (Sample Size)

This smells amazing and the smell lingers on for a long time! I’m keeping this in my office for emergencies when I need to freshen up! And the packaging is really dainty and cute.


04. Bling : Nail Applique (pack of 18)

The bonus item this month was the Bling nail appliques. Emm… not really my style, but I’ll give it a go when I’m lazy!


What did you get in your Vellvette Box this month? Are you happy with it? I think this is better than month’s for me. Most of these I’ll be using right away! You can see my previous Vellvette boxes here.

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  • Magali

    Oh my! They even called me to ask if I’d like to subscribe (as mine got over a couple of months ago) & I’m really regretting saying No. I really could use the Sally Hansen treatment :(

    • Xuvious

      That’s happened to me a couple of times. I saw the boxes online and really loved the products, went ahead and got a 3 month subscription! 😉

  • adriana m

    sally hansen one is really good. nice box :)

    • Xuvious

      I’ve tried it this week. Works well as a base coat but i don’t like the smell much.

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