YSL Touche Éclat Radiant Touch in Luminous Honey

When it comes to concealer, I’ve rarely strayed from the my power duo (Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach and Mac Moisture Select in NW35). Curiosity and hype got the better of me when I purchased this.

YSL Touche Éclat Radiant Touch in Luminous Honey (5) is a concealer/brightener/highlighter all wrapped up in a pen. I’m going to specifically talk about using this as a concealer. The shade is a little more orange than my skin tone but I figured that would help with colour correction. The other shades were too pink or way off for me. But I’m happy they’ve expanded their collection to include darker shades.

Let’s just get all talk about the packaging out of the way first. It’s lovely, it looks sexy and thankfully works well consistently! A few dozen clicks were needed the first time I used it but since then, two clicks and it dispenses enough product for me. The tip is a synthetic brush which hasn’t frayed and overall, it’s just very smooth to apply over skin.

It’s very creamy and I generally apply it in small strokes and tap with my ring finger to blend. Only when blended did I notice a few sparkly bits up close. This was the light reflecting particles they were talking about. Thankfully, it’s not really noticeable in pictures or otherwise.

I have a comparison photo with my bare face and untamed brows below. You can see the difference it makes. My under eye area is a more even and brighter. Unfortunately, without a corrector underneath, it looks too grey on me (which is typical for most concealers on my skintone). Hence, I apply this over a corrector and that works well for me. For certain areas where I have a lot of darkness like near my inner corner and nose, I do need more product for it to cover up properly.

I think this would be perfect as a concealer for people who need upto medium coverage and don’t always need a corrector. I need to do my usual prep for it to work on me. The finish does look very natural and seamless. In terms of longevity, over the day it doesn’t crease on me when blended properly. It always lasts 6-7 hours which is good enough for the day; powdering helps it last longer.

I always keep it on my top shelf so I don’t forget it about using it. I sense it’s slowly nearing it’s end! I wouldn’t repurchase this right away because it is pretty expensive and I need a lot more product than usual. Maybe a lighter shade as a highlighter if I really did want it.

A few pointers about using the Touche Éclat to roundup with :

  • A concealer? If you have lighter dark circles that can be easily covered (ergo I am also jealous of you), yes.
  • A highlighter? If you use a shade lighter, yes. Cupid’s bow, cheekbones, under the contour line, laugh lines, brow bone, forehead etc. Yes girl, highlight away!
  • A brightener? When used over your foundation/concealer, yes. Just be sure you select a shade with the right undertone.
  • Are the sparkles too visible? Nope. Though you could powder over it if you feel like it’s too much.

YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch in 5 luminous Honey 1

YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch in 5 luminous Honey 2

YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch in 5 luminous Honey 3

YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch in 5 luminous Honey 4

YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch in 5 luminous Honey 5 copy




Name:  YSL Touche Éclat Radiant Touch

Shade : 5 / Luminous Honey

Product Amount : 2.5 ml

Coverage : Medium

Consistency : Creamy

Durability : 6-7 hours

Price : $42 ~ Rs. 2700

Available at : Nordstrom, Sephora, YSL, YSL Counters in Shopper’s Stop

Overall : 4/5


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  • http://lindalibraloca.blogspot.com/ Linda Libra Loca

    I agree, it is way to light to use as a concealer on mommy-undereye-circles, but using it after a corrector works great. I never got around to repurchasing it, as there are so many cheaper alternatives to try…


    • http://www.xuvious.com/ Xuvious

      It’s a nice splurge item, but not a necessity for me.

  • Bhuvana

    Quick question for u.. Do u have enlarged pores r would you be knowing what to do for enlarged pores.. What products would reduce them? Just woken up to the fact that my skin isn’t as glowing as before..

    PS.. Love ur blog.. Read it the first thing after waking up.. Very engaging..

    • http://www.xuvious.com/ Xuvious

      Thanks Bhuvana, that’s so sweet! You made my day! ^_^
      So I only notice pores near my nose. Nothing really “closes” them but they appear to reduce when I’ve deep cleaned with a clay mask or even our usual haldi-besan mask. It will definitely help with clearing up your complexion if you feel it’s lacking glow. Also, makeup wise a powder could help blur pores.
      Sorry I can’t be more helpful but so far these are the only things I’ve tried.

  • http://www.kissandmakeupsbeautyblog.com/ Kiss & Make-up

    I’ve used this for the loooongest time. But then I ran out of money and had to resort to more affordable options, lol.

    • http://www.xuvious.com/ Xuvious

      Haha, it’s definitely more of a splurge item.

  • http://mostlysunnyblog.com/ Sunny @Mostly Sunny

    I have this too and I like it, but I haven’t really used it much since I discovered Dior Skinflash! My issue with this one is the texture is thin and dry, so I can’t use it as a concealer at all. I do like the fact that the mechanism works well and that there is such a huge shade selection tho!

    • http://www.xuvious.com/ Xuvious

      Oh wow so many Skinflash recommendations! I really need to look it up!

  • http://itskrisworld.blogspot.in/ Krithi Marla

    i use this on top of my regular concealer to brighten the eye area ,also use as highlighter wherever required
    dont use it alone though ,glad u use that away gal
    BTW bful pics :)

    • http://www.xuvious.com/ Xuvious

      Same here but since it’s an extra step I forget to use it on an everyday basis. Generally if I have a lot of time to get ready, then I do use it. :)

  • Corinne C

    It’s a pity you have to use something under it to get the results you want. I’ve wanted to try this for so long, but it’s so expensive!

    Corinne x

    • http://www.xuvious.com/ Xuvious

      Correctors are a requirement with every concealer for me though, otherwise any concealer ends up looking grey.

  • http://www.clevergirlreviews.com/ Clever Girl Reviews

    I prefer Dior Skinflash! Or the Chanel one!

    • http://www.xuvious.com/ Xuvious

      I’m looking up Skinflash asap, so many recommended that. :)

  • http://theconsciencefund.com/ Divya

    I have this in #3 and its great but the Skinflash in medium is much much better at concealing darkness under the eyes and in the corners specially! try that! :-)

    • http://www.xuvious.com/ Xuvious

      Yep, I won’t be buying this again for concealing purposes.

  • http://www.hellojaa.com/ Jaa

    Funny thing! I was just going through my drawer the other day and rediscovered this product. LOL. I haven’t used it for a looong time! I see a difference in your before and after photo but I bet if you layer it over some sort of corrector (I’m loving the new Becca one at the moment), the effect will be even more amazing. I know you are only trying to show what it looks like when the product is used by itself which I think it does a pretty good job! :)

    • http://www.xuvious.com/ Xuvious

      Yes, it works as well as any other concealer over a corrector but I just end up using a lot more product than usually required. :)

  • http://adorableshe.com/ nausheen

    That looks great :)

    • http://www.xuvious.com/ Xuvious

      Thanks! xx

  • http://www.howdoesdeedoit.com How Does Dee DoIt

    See i STILL for the life of me havent gotten this thing to work for me. Bought it on a whim at duty free and it just sits there :s I have tried it over corrector many times in the past but am going to give it another go today …just coz youve said so Advaita :)) I’ll let you know if i still hate it or can give it ONE more try after this 😉

    • http://www.xuvious.com/ Xuvious

      Lol, bought it at duty free as well! Is the colour a bit lighter than your skintone? You could always use it up as a highlighter in that case. :)
      But it’s not the most efficient concealer, I have to layer on a lot compared to my usual concealer.