Online Shopping Review Online Shopping Review

When it comes to wholesale Chinese shopping sites, there are a lot of options out there. is one in particular I tried out recently. But with websites like these you need to be a little street smart while shopping. I'll explain more in detail in the review.   Website and Design which houses clothing, jewelery, shoes, bags, knick knacks and even household storage items. The products at times are factory direct and hence the prices are also low. You'll find a lot of similar stuff from high street shops (particularly jewelry).…Read more Online Shopping Review and Mini Haul Online Shopping Review and Mini Haul

I honestly need to start a support group or something so I can curb my online shopping a bit! I'm generally well behaved but I relapse sometimes! Anyway here's my review of which houses everyhing from napkins to shoes to handbags to rubber bands. I mainly shop the Beauty and Fashion sections so my review is mainly for those items.   Website and Design Jabong has one of the better designs in the ecommerce sector it's very clean and easy to navigate. The menu is well thought out, everything is where it…Read more
Celebrate Valentine’s Day with!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with!

Yes kittens, it's time to discuss that day of the year that people either love or hate! I have to be honest, for the longest time me and my friends would go out and celebrate anti-valentine's day on the 14th! We were adorable self righteous rebels! Now, we actually have someone to celebrate it with and it's a corny money-biting affair! I hate to admit it but you do eventually dry up for ideas and need help. is a new online shopping site specially geared towards occasions and gifts. It's a bit…Read more
Ebay Shopping Guide for Makeup, Nail Polish and Random Stuff

Ebay Shopping Guide for Makeup, Nail Polish and Random Stuff

I'm finally taking the time to write this all down. When I first started with eBay (over 3 years ago), it was very overwhelming. I'm hoping this will serve as a good guide for newbies and/or just for people to discover new sellers. There are a couple of important things I want to mention first though. All of the sellers mentioned here ship worldwide but there are at times certain exceptions like Russia, Brazil or Italy. Definitely check the product description.  I've also purchased from all of them before and I've had a…Read more Haul and Shopping Review Haul and Shopping Review

I was looking for volumizing shampoos and to my delight I was happy to find the Kerastase range at I though I'd review this site as well! What I Hauled  OPI  : Nail Polish :  Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ (burgundy shade) Bath and Body Works : Body Lotion : Into The Wild Kerastase : Shampoo : Bain Volumactive They have a very large product range and a number of brands from low cost to high end. I've mentioned a couple of brands that standout in the Checklist below. It's an all-round…Read more Haul and Shopping Review Haul and Shopping Review

I recently hauled form and I thought I'd share my experience with you! I was actually going through but they didn't have everything I wanted in stock so I looked to the main website. What I Hauled  I got a mint green top a sheer top panel. A beige rectangular mini satchel bag. A black suede-like pump with rose gold metal on the toe. MANGO.COM So you get free delivery to India if you purchase more than Rs. 6500 otherwise you have to pay Rs.790 (approximately) for shipping. Why so much?…Read more Online Shopping Review

I recently had an Inglot haul delivered from I thought I'd share my review on them as well! Since it's a part of the group that actually opens up brands in India, they come under a niche category. They have a select few brands that aren't available on any other Indian shopping site. Also the only place where you get Inglot in India!! You can still get Mango, Aldo elsewhere on sites like ASOS. They've also recently started selling La Senza and Bebe. They frequently have discounts as well. Their service and…Read more

Haul and MedPlusBeauty Review

I was looking for bronzey neutral shades that I didn't have. I also wanted a blue based red lipstick and Ruby Woo seems so out of reach. I decided to buy Revlon's True Red. I decided to give MedPlusBeauty a try. I'll start by saying that I'm pleased with the haul and the website. But the way they handle delivery is atrocious! And I probably won't buy again from MedPlus because of it. More on the story below, I'll start with the goodies! 01. NYX - Single Eyeshadow - Taupe 02. NYX -…Read more Starts Online Shopping in India

I'm so excited!! Yes, Mango is also available on but if you've ever traversed their apparel section, you'll know that it's a tad bit difficult. I recently went to and noticed that they started shipping to India as well! About time though. I hope Zara, MAC catch on to this too. Shipping costs Rs. 790 which is a bit steep! But shipping is free if the order totals over Rs. 6500. There are lots of options and choices which I don't find on major brands that are available on the MANGO…Read more

March 2012 List love

This a montly post that I'll be doing where I collate what I want to read this month. I'll also includes links to stuff on the internet that interested me. Its a good way to have links and places I like in a centralized way. Hope you find something you like!   My Instagram of the Month Taken at a hill at sunset.   Books to Read 01. Mustaine by Dave Mustaine Megadeth fans? It took me long to find it and I finally have it! This month I want to try and…Read more
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